CS:GO Alpha Invitational Ruleset


1.0 Introduction

This document outlines the rules and regulations related to the LPL Alpha Series 2018, including the online qualifier, and the main event. Failing to adhere to these rules and regulations may result in disqualification and/or other penalization as determined by Let’s Play Live management. Please note that Let’s Play Live management has the authority to make final decisions that are not specifically outlined in these rules and regulations to preserve fair play and sportsmanship at its sole discretion.

The event is also sanctioned by the New Zealand Esports Federation. All players will be required to conform to the rules and regulations of the NZESF. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the event and/or sanctions imposed by the NZESF.

2.0 LPL Alpha Invitational main event and qualifier information

6 teams – 3 Invite teams & 3 Wildcard teams (Best three teams from open qualifiers)

Format – Round robin & Single elimination for main league, Double elimination for qualifiers

Prizes – $9,000 + Gear

1st – $5,000

2nd – $3,000

3rd – $1,000

Stage 1 – Open qualifiers (10th Feb)

Double Elimination – Best of One

Winner’s and Loser’s bracket finals are Best of 3

Top 2 teams will be invited to the main event

Start at 12PM NZST


Stage Two – League Play (15th Feb to 29th March)

Final 6 teams

Single round robin – Best of 1

Teams play one match a week for 5 weeks

Thursdays 8PM – 11PM NZST – Online



Semi Final – 2nd plays 3rd – 22nd March online/live

Grand Final – Winner of Semi vs 1st from league (29th March) – live

Single Elimination – Best of 3

Finals live @ LPL studios in Auckland – Best of 3

Thursdays 8PM – 11PM NZST


3.0 Gameplay

  • Each game will consist of two (2) 15-round halves. A game will end if a Team reaches 16-round wins in the second half. If the score of a game is tied after 30 rounds, overtime will be played. Overtime consists of two (2) three-round halves. Players will start each overtime half with $10,000. A game will end if a Team reaches four-round wins in the same overtime. If the score of an overtime is tied after six rounds, another overtime will be played.
  • Games in the weekly round robin are scheduled to be each hour (game 1 – 8pm NZST, game 2 – NZST, game 3 – 10pm NZST. Teams must be ready 10 minutes prior to this start time.
  • Clipping is not permitted. A player will be considered to be clipping if they boost their character through a solid object or manipulate their character in order to see over, under, and/or through a solid object.
  • Pixel walking is not permitted. A player will be considered to be pixel walking if they manipulate their character into sitting or standing on invisible map edges.
  • The bomb may not be planted in a location where it cannot be defused, in a location where it is not touching a solid object, or in a location where it is not making the normal “beeping” noise.
  • Players may not use objects to cover a bomb in such a way that it cannot be defused.
  • Players may not defuse a bomb through a solid object.
  • Teams are allowed four (4) thirty (30) second timeouts per map. Only one timeout per round is allowed.
  • During a match, the coach may only communicate with the players during warmup, half-time, or during timeouts that the coach or player can call in accordance with this rulebook. The coach is allowed to have notes on paper during the match nothing else is allowed.
  • Teams are allowed to call technical timeouts if their equipment is malfunctioning but are forbidden to talk during those timeouts other than to LPL tournament officials.
  • If a Player loses their connection to the server during the first minute of the game, no kills have been registered, and the bomb has not been planted, the game must be restarted from the beginning of the round. A game will not be restarted unless the three conditions in the preceding sentence have been met.
  • If a Player disconnects from a round/game that will not be restarted, they will be allowed to rejoin the game, but their character will be considered dead in the round during which they disconnected. If all Players on a Team are disconnected from a game at the same time, and the game will not be restarted, the Team will forfeit the round.  
  • If a staff member disconnects from a game that will not be restarted, but all Players remain in the game, the round must be completed.
  • The use of in-game changing scripts is strictly prohibited and any such use by a player will result in such player’s disqualification from the tournament and the forfeiture by the team of such player of the game in which such script is used.
  • LPL management and Valve, in their sole and absolute discretion, reserve the right to immediately ban or restrict the use of any in-game technique, strategy, action/inaction, bug, glitch, etc. used, employed by or exploited by a Player and/or Team even if not specifically mentioned in this rulebook.

4.0 Equipment

  • For semi/final matches, Players must use the PC, monitor, tournament station headset, Team communication software, and network equipment provided by LPL. Players will not be allowed to display the name, logos or marks of the team of such player on such equipment. If a Player finds that an issue has occurred with any of this equipment, such Players should pause the game and notify a tournament official immediately. Players are exclusively responsible for ensuring proper function of the audio equipment prior to the start of all games.
  • If a tournament official is able to confirm that an issue has occurred, they will determine the outcome of specific issue.
  • Players may not use third party applications, programs, or download any software onto tournament computers without approval from a tournament official.

5.0 General Rules

  • The tournament will not qualify, any player who has been VAC-banned in CS:GO. Any player who is VAC banned on any of their accounts will be immediately disqualified from participation in the tournament. Any team on which a banned player has played during the period starting with the first component of the tournament (including any online qualifier) and ending with the end of the tournament, will be banned (“banned team”), including forfeiture of any tournament prize payouts otherwise payable to such team. Valve also reserves the right to disqualify any player, team, broadcaster, commentator or producer in its sole discretion. LPL will immediately disqualify such person or team upon notice from Valve. Any tournament winnings by such player or such banned team will be forfeit. No player from a banned team will be eligible to compete in the Tournament with any other team.
  • Players/Teams that are disqualified prior to the start of a game will not be allowed to play in the game. Players/Teams that are disqualified during a game must disconnect from the game. Players/Teams that are disqualified will not receive any benefits (prize, etc.) for their ranking in the tournament. Such Players/Teams may also be subject to a ban from a future tournament(s).
  • Teams must have at least four (4) Players present in order to start a game. A Team will forfeit game 1 if it does not have at least four (4) Players present by five (5) minutes prior to a match’s scheduled start time (grace period). If a Team has forfeited game 1, game 2 will be scheduled to start 15 minutes after game 1 has been deemed forfeited and such team will forfeit a Bo3 series it does not have at least four (4) Players present by 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of game 2. Teams that played a previous game(s) in a match will forfeit games 2 and 3 of, if games 1 and 2 have been played, just game 3 if the team does not have at least four (4) Players present (and on the server) by 10 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game (grace period). Teams with four (4) Players present will be forced to start a game at the end of a grace period. Players are permitted to join games that are in progress, but Players are not permitted to add a character to a game for a Player who is absent. Bots are not permitted in any game. If Teams that are scheduled to play each other both forfeit a game or match, a coin toss will determine the game/match win. If a match can’t begin at its scheduled start time, the grace period will begin at the conclusion of the preceding match.
  • In order to dispute game results, Players/Teams must notify the referee that they would like to protest the game before a new game has begun. In order to dispute match results, Players/Teams must notify their referee that they would like to protest the match before the match results have been submitted.
  • In-Game Player names, Player avatars and Team names must be pre-approved by LPL. Player and Team name have to be clean and without a sponsor. Player avatars must consist of a Player picture provided by LPL or an approved Team and/or Team Organization logo.
  • Players are not allowed to hang jackets or other objects over the chairs, in front of cameras, or anywhere else that is deemed by tournament officials to be obstructing the broadcast, LPL (or its sponsors/partners) marks or logos or fair play of the tournament. Same rules apply to hats or hoodies covering the headphones.
  • LPL has permission to use Team and/or parent organization names/logos, Player likeness, identification, pictures and videos for use on stage material, live-streaming, television broadcasts of LPL and related events, online use, including but not limited to, social media posts and videos, and for the advertising/promotion of the LPL television and/or online broadcasts, (e.g., institutional promotion), and in connection therewith, LPL corporate partners and sponsors.
  • We require teams to be able to supply portrait photos of players including team shirts (if applicable).
  • Teams are required to be available for photo and video shooting for the semi/grand final.
  • Players, Coaches and/or other Team representatives shall not, at any time during LPL competitions, mention or “plug” any commercial product, service, venture or entity (including the name of an individual’s employer) (collectively, “Commercial Products/Services”), including, without limitation, by using equipment, apparel, and/or other items featuring the name/logo of such Commercial Product/Service, without pre-approval from tournament officials in each instance. Tournament officials reserve the right to require Teams/Players to take reasonable steps to obscure (e.g., tape over) any visible manufacture names/logos on any Team/Player supplied equipment. No title sponsors may be used in Team names or nicknames.


6.0 Conduct

  • Players/teams are expected to put their best effort forward at all times
  • Players may not communicate with a spectator (including any team representatives or team affiliated individuals except for other players on such player’s team and, during timeouts, the coach of such team), or a Player other than a Teammate, during the course of a match.
  • Players, Coaches and Team Representatives may not engage in any other conduct that, in the discretion of tournament officials, violates the spirit of these rules, affects the ability of tournament officials to conduct a fair and safe competition, and/or is detrimental to LPL and/or its partners.
  • Players/Teams may not intentionally forfeit a game or conspire to manipulate rankings or brackets.

7.0 Legal

  • Match fixing is defined as an attempt to arrange or influence, in advance, the outcome of a match, or events within the match, usually for the purpose of making money, often from betting. Participants, directly or indirectly, are not allowed to accept from, or offer to, any person or entity (whether they are participants or otherwise) any bribes/gifts/rewards of any nature in relation to seeking to influence the outcome, result of, conduct of, a match or the competition. Participants are under a strict obligation to immediately report to a tournament official any approach, or any offer of a bribe/gift/ reward made to them, or any other participant, related to seeking to influence the outcome, result, or conduct of a match or the competition.
  • Any form of cheating and/or ghosting is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate disqualification and previous matches may also be reviewed. Tournament officials may opt to deduct further points and/or disqualify the Team from the league entirely. The Team may also lose any seeding for future LPL tournaments
  • Participants (e.g., players, coaches, etc.) shall act in a professional manner at all times at the site of each match, at the LPL official hotel, and in official LPL transportation, and shall refrain from acting in a vulgar, abusive, or offensive manner or engaging in any illegal activity.
  • Spirit of the Rules. Finality of all decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, Player and Team eligibility, scheduling and staging for the tournament and related events, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with LPL Management, the decisions of which are final. LPL decisions relating to these rules and/or the tournament cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or other legal or equitable remedy. These rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by LPL, from time to time, in order to, among other things, ensure fair play and the integrity of LPL Alpha Series.
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