Event NZGC

Prize Pool $30,000

Date Sep 3 - Oct 12 2016

Location Hexedome, Auckland

New Zealand Gaming Championships

Letsplay.live is bringing top-level eSports back to NZ Screens in 2016 with the return of the NZGC League of Legends tournament in a new six- week format. New Zealand’s top qualified players will be flown from around the country to Auckland each week to face each other in the Letsplay.live Hexedome - NZ’s first eSports Arena. SKY will broadcast these match-ups every Wednesday starting September 7th from 7.00pm, plus weekly round robin and elimination matches will screen live online on www.letsplay.live and www.twitch.tv/letsplaylive from September 3rd.

  • King V

  • DNA

  • Villains

  • Decode

  • 2EZ

  • Tigereye

  • RavenDanield Edward Francis Ealam

  • BillBill Li ©

  • ShokAri Greene-Young

  • KayoAaron Maharjan

  • LildecoyDanield Edward Francis Ealam

  • SheldorTim Oorschot

  • 0Two1Min Choi

  • ArkAndrew Jay Chun

  • NephthyisAman Yadav

  • Im TiltingIsaac Bellamy ©

  • bunbunDaniel Walden

  • DolfsRodolfo Villanueva ©

  • KensteSamuel Richards

  • ShinyJack Wright

  • PurcleKyle Dickson

  • BodeZhiyang Cheng

  • PuneTw Puni Doyle

  • ShivShivniel Chand

  • ecotoxicChristoper McGahan

  • THRETNKruz Schaumkel

  • BlinkyMyles Irvine

  • DanDaynDaniel Yow

  • ArkaelJordan Wong

  • CupcakeAndy Van Der Vyver

  • JakattackJack Gifford

  • OKTigerTJ Moon

  • BomiMark Kim

  • ArtaphernesClinton Muldoon

  • BrolerRobbie Harrison

  • RarefictionTony Kim


NZGC Grand Final

Wednesday 12 October 2016

  • General Admission $34.50.00
Buy tickets

The NZGC Grand Final will be held at the The Idea Collective on Wednesday October 12.

There are only 300 tickets available.

The Idea Collective is MOTATs newest contemporary innovation space and is a dynamic, evolving and collaborative project. It brings together a diverse set of innovators, artists, designers, and technologists to create exciting displays and experiences that celebrate New Zealands vibrant innovation culture.

Dont miss being part of the live eSports action.

  • Event:
  • NZGC Grand Final in association with Logitech and Twitch
  • Date:
  • Wednesday, 12 October 2016
  • Time:
  • 7pm – 10pm

All ages event.

How to watch

  • Saturday & Sunday Games Live at 7pm NZT

  • Wednesday Games Live at 7pm NZT


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