Letsplay.live Partners with Tainted Minds

ESports is a booming industry that has attracted the attention of financial regulators, legislative bodies, financial investors, sponsors, and the media. Here at Letsplay.live, we’re excited to get involved in a big way once again.

After successful ventures with the New Zealand Gaming Championship and the LPL02 Call of Duty Premiership, Letsplay.live will be joining forces with Tainted Minds to embark on a partnership that aims to dominate the Oceanic Pro League.

LPL pushing the eSports market to new heights
LPL will continue to strive for innovative ways to connect our audience with the media content they deserve, just like we did in our joint venture with the NRL Vodafone Warriors in the LPL CoD Premiership.

The new club will be operationally run by Tained Minds, but LPL will be providing the necessary commercial, content, and partner support to maximize the potential of the team.

LPL will continue to push eSports to new levels of viewership in Australia and New Zealand, as we’ve already accomplished with extensive television coverage and exposure.

“Out of all the clubs we approached we were most impressed by Tainted Minds, which is led by Nick Bobir and Michael Stewart and their amazing team.” LPL Managing Director John McRae stated.

“Tainted Minds has a reputation for looking after their players, professionally managing their teams and we hold a shared vision for the future. For companies looking to get involved with eSports the best option is to sponsor a tournament or a team who are involved in regular tournaments. By investing in a League of Legends Oceanic Pro League side we have another option for companies looking to engage millennials and if you are looking to engage millennials eSports is where it’s at.”

– LPL’s John McRae

Tainted Minds history
After the Oceanic Pro League’s Chiefs were forced to sell Chiefs.Black (their OCS team won 3-0 against Infernum Gaming in the OPL Promotional Tournament and Riot Games prohibits an organization from owning two OPL teams), Tainted Minds was born.

Tainted Minds made the playoffs in the Second Split of the OPL as the 4th seed with a 4-4 record. They narrowly fell short in a 3-way finals playoff.

Now Tainted Minds is looking to finish what they started in 2017 and thanks to their new financial backing, they can now target sought after international targets to bolster their roster.

Tainted Minds future

Tainted Minds will be coached by Nicholas ‘Inero’ Smith, an American with a host of international eSports experience. Inero formerly coached for Dream Team and mousesports in 2015 and 2016.

In the support position will be native Australian Andrew “Rosey” Rose. Rosey was the longtime support player for the Chiefs, logging over 600 consecutive days of playing with their exact lineup, as well as over 1000 days playing with Raydere. He will be the team captain.

Rosey’s laning partner will be Tristan ‘Cake’ Cote-Lalumiere as AD Carry. Cake is formerly known as xPecake and played for Maelstrom Gaming last year.

In the jungle will be Ryan “ShorterACE” Nget, a current Challenger 1 player in North America. ShorterACE provides plenty of experience, having competed with a number of teams.

Tainted Minds are still actively recruiting for the Top and Mid positions.

Tainted Minds Blue announcement

LPL will not only be getting involved with the OPL, but they’ll also be actively promoting a team in the Oceanic Challenger Series.

Tainted Minds Blue will be a new team that will be competing in the OCS. Tainted Minds Blue is the former Hellions eSports Club that was relegated following the Second Split in the 2016 OPL.

The OPL is a 28 week tournament that runs from January through November in Australia and New Zealand.

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