Project CARS 2 | Watch all the drama from round 4!

Following last week’s upset result which saw championship leader Jordan Pene fail to secure the win for the first time. Round 4 was set to challenge our drivers even more as they headed to Germany to race the famous Hockenheim and the Nordschleife Nürburgring tracks.

Straight away the tournament leader Pene established himself as favourite once again by qualifying on pole for race one, with challenger Scott “Lightning” McQueen following close behind.

The race started off cleanly, as our racers quickly feel into line in a rare incident free turn one.

Not settling for second, Scott McQueen pushed himself ahead of Pene and held a few tenths over his competitor before going into lap 5.

Pene wasn’t looking at his best throughout race one, yet tried hard to manoeuvre past McQueen throughout the race.

As the rain began to teem down, the race quickly turned into a slip n’ slide before the races had the opportunity to get into the pit lane to switch off the slick tyres. After the race had briefly stalled in the pits, the formation quickly found itself back to normal as the snowy weather of lap 10 fast approached.

The finish was one to witness, with crashes, overtakes, slides and everything in between. McQueen ended up on top in an absolute classic final corner, with the final standings coming down to a matter of centimeters.

With everyone’s heart racing, the players lined up for the Nordschleife Nürburgring and the action was ready to kick off. With the blizzard storming, the track was ready for an absolute spectacle. With more slips and spins, the action did not disappoint with too much to keep track of. By the end of lap one, the grid had totally shaken up as the usual suspects struggled to make an appearance above 4th position which was been held by our all familiar leader Jordan Pene.

Ethan Moore established and held a leading spot throughout the midst of lap two, with Jake Parker refusing to fall into the crowd and solidifying his space in the second peg. A small battle grew between Manila, Pene and McQueen as the competition leaders began their charge to the podium as the action cleaned up.

Louie Manila’s dream of a podium seemingly evaporated after a slippy corner saw him slide into 5th place, allowing McQueen and Pene to further their charge towards their usual spots on the podium. Closing out on his first podium and first place finish, Ethan Moore charged through the storm quite literally to emerge with the top grab of the points. The all familiar faces Scott McQueen and Jordan Pene finished off the rest of the podium to pull further ahead in the championship.

After an absolute stunner of a night, make sure to not miss any of the action as the Project Cars 2 NZ Championship returns once again on SKY SPORT at 7:30PM next Tuesday.

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