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2017 Major League of Legends Update – Part 1

Posted by tanialpl Nov 01, 2016 in League of Legends

With less than a week left of season 6 in League of Legends, Riot Games is now preparing for some major changed as we head towards season 7. For starters, Season 7 will be starting over a month earlier this year (on December 6th), leaving little time for players to adjust to these major changes.

Luckily for you, we’re here to catch you up on everything you need to know before the official season starts. Theses changes are still on the PBE (Public Beta Environment – testing realms for new LoL content), but expect 90% of them to ship in the upcoming 6.22 patch.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Ranked system changes

In 2016, we saw the ranked que change dramatically. Gone were solo and duo queue, replaced with a more dynamic system. Players would now choose two roles. This allowed for more expansion of players but caused quite a few problems. For one, the higher elos suffered long queue times and groups of four or five queuing together at one time. Well, solo/duo queue is now back!

Solo/Duo Queue

If you remember the 2015 ranked system, this is essentially a carbon copy with a few upgrades. Players will now be able to queue solo or with one friend. The major difference is players will now select two preferred roles and ban out their least favorite position. Players are not guaranteed their two favored roles, but will never have to play their banned out role. Challenger tier will remain solo queue only.

Flex Queue

The flex queue will resemble this year’s dynamic queue, but with a few added elements. If you’re playing with more than two players, this is the queue for you. Five man team queues will also be implemented using this system. So if you’re premade squad is serious about climbing this season, Riot has the avenue for you. Solo players are also encouraged to queue for this system, and unique rewards will be provided at the end of season. As a result, Ranked 5s will now be enabled permanently.

Game Replays and Sandbox Practice Mode Available

Become your own coach. Revisit your mistakes or just bask in the glory of your greatest wins using Riot’s newest technology – Replays. Afterwards, load up the Practice Tool to create your own custom environment to practice last hitting or landing critical skill shots.


Riot is finally making good on their promise to provide replays for every single player. All of your favorite tools from Spectate Mode will be incorporated into the Replay system, plus some extra goodies. Replays will also be available for download at the end of all player matches, allowing you to capture video highlights and upload them to your smartphone or Youtube account!

Practice Tool

Instantly reset cooldowns, lock in your level, or give yourself unlimited gold. That’s right, League of Legends Sandbox, one of the most asked for features, is finally a reality. Players can practice last hitting at level one until their hearts are content. Jungle camps can also be reset via the Practice Tool.