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2017 Major League of Legends Update – Part 2

Posted by tanialpl Nov 07, 2016 in League of Legends

We’re here with another installment of the major League of Legends update about to hit the live clients here in the next week. If you missed our first three parts, check them out below!

Stealth Mechanic Update
If you’ve played League of Legend’s for a few years now, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that stealth is still a work in progress. It very much has been since the days of Evelynn stacking Sunfire Capes and running around for minutes invisible. Riot is taking this offseason to make some distinctions with stealth now!

Stealth will now be separated into two distinct categories. Short-duration effects (Wukon dash and Akali shroud) will now be considered true stealth. Meanwhile, long to moderate-duration effects (like Rengar ultimate and Evelynn Passive) will now be considered camouflage.


This is what Riot considers ‘strategic’ stealth. It’s used to navigate large portions of the map unseen, covering large gaps in vision. It essentially is the same ‘stealth’ mechanic that is currently on Evelynn, but will be extended to Rengar and Twitch now.


This will be considered ‘tactical’ stealth by Riot, and is the more common of the two ‘stealth’ mechanics. Invisibility effects shouldn’t last long enough to cover large portions of the map unseen, but rather be close quarter gap closers or escape tools. Champions like Wukong and Leblanc Passive will use these mechanics.

Wards and Stealth

Now that Rengar and Twitch are in the Camouflage camp, Riot is able to give power back to stealth champions! So, Vision Wards have been updated into a more focused anti-vision tool: Control Wards. Control Wards still grant their own vision, but also provide strong vision denial—they reveal and disable nearby enemy wards and traps—but they don’t reveal Invisible champs.

Masteries Improved
The Resolve tree will be getting some nice new toys this coming offseason. For starters, Strength of the Ages will no longer be available. Instead, a new Keystone Mastery will replace it. Courage of the Colossus with grant users a shield when the player uses any crowd controlling ability on an opponent.

In addition to the big Keystone mastery change mentioned above, there will be some other additions and changes throughout all of the trees.

  • [NEW] Battle Trance (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Gain up to 5% increased damage over 5 seconds when in combat with enemy Champions
  • [NEW] Fresh Blood (Ferocity, Tier 2) – Your first basic attack against a champion deals an additional 10+ 1 per level damage (6 second cooldown)
  • [UPDATE] Bounty Hunter (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Effect increased to 1.5% from 1%
  • [UPDATE] Double Edged Sword (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Increased to dealing 5% and taking 2.5% from 3% and 1.5% (moved from tier 2 to tier 4)
  • [UPDATE] Fervor of Battle (Ferocity, Tier 6) – Hitting champions with basic attacks generates a Fervor stack (2 for melee attacks, 2 seconds cooldown for ability hits). Stacks of Fervor last 4 seconds (max 10 stacks) and increase your AD by 1-6 for each stack
  • [NEW] Greenfather’s Gift (Cunning, Tier 4) – Stepping into brush causes your next damaging attack or ability to deal 3% of your target’s current health as bonus magic damage (9s Cooldown)
  • [UPDATE] Precision (Cunning, Tier 5) – Now grants 1.7 Lethality per point (removed Armor Penetration
  • [NEW] Siegemaster (Resolve, Tier 2) – Gain 8 Armor and Magic Resistance when near an allied tower
  • [NEW] Fearless (Resolve, Tier 4) – Gain 10% +2 per level bonus Armor and Magic Resist when damaged by an enemy champion for 2 seconds (9s Cooldown)
  • [NEW] Courage of the Colossus (Resolve, Tier 6) – Gain a shield for 10+ 10 per level + 7% of your maximum health for each nearby enemy champion for 4 seconds after hitting an enemy champion with hard CC (30 second cooldown)