Lets Play Live Anti-Cheat Policy

Lets Play Live Anti-Cheat Policy

Recent Changes [1/05/2013]
CyberGamer has recently combined and restructured both the Anti-Cheat Policy and site-wide banning system. All CyberGamer Network bans and penalties; casual, competitive, match and general bans will now fall under this system (Check with your Specific Game Ruleset for any localised anti cheat amendments). The purpose of this system is to provide guidelines for infringements which require a match ban as a part of their penalty. If an incident falls outside the definitions of this structured approach - CG Network Administrators will adjust and add to the policy, dating the changes in the change log as necessary. Any additions will be dated in the notes at the end; to signify when that offense became bannable (i.e. no back-dating).

Recent Changes [19/11/2013]
We have altered the Category 5 ban to provide a more logical result when documenting and recording VAC bans. The most recent iteration was allowing members to attain 1 VAC per year and not be penalised for it. We have decided this was far too lenient and to resolve this issue the time frame has been extended. Please refer to Category 5

Due to the recent changes in the way Valve and Steam now handle and present VAC bans, players may use a VAC banned Steam account to compete in CyberGamer matches so long as that account is not VAC banned for the game they wish to compete in. Please refer to Category 5.
The Structured Approach
The Structured Approach was developed to aid in making clear, specific and consistent rulings network-wide at CyberGamer. Since 2007, CyberGamer has been running competitions both online and offline - with the helps of hundreds of admins, staff and helpers. Due to the sheer number of assisting members; consistency within the branches of games and platforms was difficult to maintain. The Structured Approach clearly defines what penalties exist, which section they fall under - and the minimum severity for that offense.

Categories determine the severity of the penalty. Penalties can apply to (but are not limited to) the forums, league or open matches, and/or specific tournaments. All match bans affect all games on all platforms unless otherwise stated. In the event that a penalty is not to be imposed globally, this will be stated in the administrator notes on a players CyberGamer profile page.

We have developed a system of seven categorised severities of infringement, with set penalties listed for both open ladders and league ladders.

Please note that if a League Ladder administrator feels that a League Ladder penalty is not appropriate due to the timing or nature of an infringement, that administrator may at their discretion, apply the Open Ladder penalty instead.

League Ladder penalties are generally applied by stating the number of matches a player is banned for, whilst Open Ladder penalties are generally applied as timed bans.

The category designation for an offence increases by one each time a member infringes within a particular category.

League or Ladder specific infringements (those listed within a particular League or Ladders rule-set) should be updated and designated as one of the seven categories of infringements listed below.

Category 1

On first offense: Formal Warning in all Ladders.

Infringement: Glitching in a CyberGamer match
All forms of knowingly using glitches to a members advantage in a CyberGamer match will result in their team forfeiting the round in which the glitch was used. A member found to be continually using glitches in a CyberGamer match, or in multiple CyberGamer matches will be eligible for a global match ban. Repeat offences will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Glitching includes (but is not limited to) getting to locations on a map that are not intended to be used for play, standing on nothing or using a location that can unintentionally be seen out of or through, but in only one direction.

Please note, all instances of glitching will result in the round in with the infringement occured being forfeited, in addition to any other penalties imposed.

Category 2

On first offense: One Match Ban (League Ladder) / One Week Match Ban (Open Ladder)

Infringement: Abuse of Staff or Players
Members should treat other players and administrators in a reasonable and courteous fashion at all times. This infringement includes but is not limited to, speaking or posting in an insulting, abusive or threatening manner . Use of foul language also falls into this category. The public broadcast of a players personal and private information against their consent will also be deemed as abuse. This infringement applies across the CyberGamer website and in CybgerGamer sanctioned matches and includes but is not limited to the CyberGamer forums, and pre-game challenge match chat . Any misconduct related to this category that is not within the realms of the CyberGamer network is not covered under this infringement.

Category 3

On first offense: Three Match Ban (League Ladder) / One Month Match Ban (Open Ladder)

Infringement: Failure to provide demo/replay on request
Subsequent offences will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with possible actions taken including the overturning of the match result, as well as further match bans. All demo's must be kept for the amount of time required as stated in each ladder or league. This ruling will change from game to game, so please be aware that you must read the specific rules of each ladder or league you join.

Category 4

On first offense: One Season Match Ban (League Ladder) / Three Month Match Ban (Open Ladder)

Infringement: Use of scripts or 3rd party programs to simplify your gameplay
This involves all scripting, config tweaks or external macro programs that enable you to perform more than one listed command with a single keystroke.

Infringement: Harbouring
Members of teams and organisations found to be knowingly (beyond reasonable doubt) harbouring players who are in breach of the Anti-Cheat policy (including but not limited to; hackers, 'smurfers' or general ban evaders) will receive on first offence, a Category 4 match ban. Whilst all members of teams and organisations are liable under this rule, team captains are especially responsible for ensuring that they have no cheaters on their team.

Infringement: Smurfing
This involves having multiple CyberGamer accounts in order to be in multiple teams at once, or attempting to alias as another player in order to play during their CyberGamer match. If a player is found to be smurfing again during their ban period, they will be in breach of the 'ban evasion' rule. Smurfing yet again during this time will guarantee a player a permanent ban.

Category 5

On first offense: Six Month Match Ban in All Ladders.

Infringement: Multiple Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans
A member who acquires two Valve Anti-Cheat bans within a 24 month period will receive a Category 5 ban. Please note that receiving a third VAC ban within 24 months of the second places you at risk of receiving further increased penalties. It is every members responsibility to protect themselves with appropriate account and computer security measures. If you modify game files, you do so at your own discretion and thus you are responsible for any outcome that may come of it.

Players may use a VAC banned Steam account to compete in CyberGamer matches so long as that account is not VAC banned for the game they wish to compete in.

Infringement: Betting / Gambling
A member who places bets or gambles on a match they are on a roster for will receive a 6 month global match ban for each instance.

Players may also be subject to this rule if they have been found to profit from any match they are involved in directly or indirectly. For example, if you get one of your friends to place a bet on your behalf and receive some of the winnings you will also serve a 6 month ban per instance.

Punishment may also include but not limited to match bans, match overturns and league removal or permanent removal from the site.

Infringement: Match Throwing
A member or team who is found to have "thrown" their game when listed on betting sites will incur a permanent match ban across Cybergamer.

Category 6

On first offense: Twelve Month Match and Forum Ban in All Ladders.

Infringement: Cheating in a Public/Private Server
Cheating in a Public/Private Server not associated or affiliated with CyberGamer is prohibited and this infringement includes, but is not limited to, the use of 'aimbots', 'map hacks' or 'wall hacks' in any game.

This includes any additional aliases the 'user' may use. This infringement applies to private (non CyberGamer) dedicated servers, Peer2Peer and Public/Private PUG games and Scrims.

This also includes getting a VAC ban for any CG supported game and supersedes the Category 5 ban for VAC accumulation, which only applies to non CG-supported games. Please note that CG supported games is any game with a current CG ladder, not just games that a player is competing in.

Please note that a player who has been banned for Infringement: Cheating in a Public/Private Server for a game in which they have never competed may apply to the AC team which banned them after fifty percent of their cheating ban has been served. If that player has had no further infringements since the implementation of their ban, and that player has never had a Category 6 or higher ban before, that AC team should strongly consider removing the remainder of that players cheating ban.

Infringement: Cheating in a CyberGamer supported match.
Cheating in a CyberGamer game is prohibited and a Category 6 ban will be given to a player who cheats in any CyberGamer ladder or league match, or any server associated with CyberGamer including dedicated servers, competitive CyberGamer Peer2Peer games and CyberGamer affiliated PUG games.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of 'aimbots', 'map hacks' or 'wall hacks'.

Infringement: Ban evasion
Attempting to avoid a ban by any means will be classed as ban evasion. Creating a new account, using an account created by someone else or using a secondary account whilst serving a forum or match ban is considered ban evasion. Evading on the first offence will result in a Category 6 ban, or the original length of the ban that is evaded being doubled, whichever is greater. Evading a ban a second time, whether for the original ban, or for a completely different ban at any other time, will result in a permanent match ban being issued.

Please note that evading a Category 6 ban places you at risk of being banned permanently on the first instance of evasion.

Category 7

Permanent Match and Forum Ban in All Instances.

Category 7 is for repeat offenders and all Category 7 bans MUST be approved by Senior Game Administrator.


Each time a player infringes and receives a penalty it will be noted on their profile by the Administrator applying the ban. This will assist future investigation into the matter and allow for all Administrators to easily understand why, for what and for how long the player has been banned.

Each time a match ban is applied, the Administrator applying the ban is required to list the following in the Administrator Notes section of the infringing players profile:
  • The reason for the ban.
  • The Category of the infringement, and the number of times the player has re-offended in that Category
  • A URL link to any relevant information (often an Admin thread on the topic)
  • The penalty applied.

An example is provided below.

Appealing of Bans

CyberGamer has strict rules for players who wish to compete on our system, all penalties are enforced based on the rules outlined below and any members who are banned and want to appeal must appeal through the AC panel that banned them. If you feel the ban was not correctly applied based on the criteria below you must submit a management support ticket via: http://www.cybergamer.com.au/support/

Ban appeals via support ticket will be closed immediately if they dont meet the above criteria and banned players repeatedly reopening the ticket if closed will have their ban extended. Do NOT reopen a closed ticket that is the management team telling you that your appeal must go through the anticheat panel that placed your ban.

The definition of the term cheating does come with unique properties based on the game you are competing in and these are more specifically defined in the rules for each game which can be found at the top of the ladder/league rankings page under a button labelled rules.

Additional information
Whilst this policy is a concise and complete set of guidelines, there may be instances where an infringement may not fall under these exact policies. If this is to occur, the administrator investigating the infringement will use the above policies as a guideline and a verdict will be handed out based upon their best judgement. Administrators may not always reveal the evidence submitted against a CyberGamer member who is in breach of the above policies, and are not obliged to do so. If however a CyberGamer member feels that just cause has not be been provided, that member may appeal the ban through the CyberGamer Support System. When appealing a penalty, it is advised that members take into consideration that the administrator who handles the appeal will have complete access to the infringing member's history. If it is clearly evident that a CyberGamer member has infringed upon one of the policies outlined above, then in the interest of both time management and common sense, it is advised that the infringing member simply serves out their time. Members found to be lying or providing misleading information relating to their ban open themselves up to further punishments under the ban evasion rule.

Cheating in non CyberGamer leagues does not make you immune to penalties on the CyberGamer system. If we receive a demo with sufficient evidence from a partner or affiliated league and after our own review confirm the player was cheating. the player in question will be given a one year match ban on the CyberGamer system.

CyberGamer matchbans apply across all games and platforms so heed the warning that you cannot simply change games if caught cheating, you are banned from the system altogether for the period assigned and if you our found to be playing another game the ban evasion rule will come into effect.

Whilst the policies and penalties stated above refer to individual instances of infringements, it is important to note that should a CyberGamer administrator believe that a team or member has gained an unfair advantage in a ladder, league or competition due to unfair, unsportsmanlike or cheating behaviour or actions, that administrator may at their discretion, impose further penalties on that team or member which can include, but are not limited to; the overturning of matches; the deduction of ladder or league points; the relegation of that team or member in a ladder; the removal of that team or member from a ladder, league or competition; or the removal of individual players from their team.

Any and all of the above penalties are at the administrators' discretion. Ban length may be varied depending on the severity of the situation, or the number of repeat offences by the CyberGamer member in question.

This Master AC Policy may differ from ladder to ladder. Please see your Ladder's specific ruleset and/or speak to your ladder administrator via a support ticket to get further information or clarification.

CyberGamer reserve the right to update/change/modify/remove/add any part of this policy at any time, with or without notice and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this policy each time you view and use CyberGamer and it's associated game ladders. Please note that by using that by using this website, you agree to the Anti Cheat policies as stated above.

Last updated: 28th January , 2015