Week 3 Wrap-Up: CS:GO ANZ Invitational


Week 3 Wrap-Up: CS:GO ANZ Invitational

26th Oct 2018

The LPL Pro CS:GO ANZ Invitational continued on last week, now half way through the competition. All 6 teams once again duked it out for those crucial leader board points and to get one step closer to the Semi Finals and Grand Finals hosted at LPL Studios in Auckland, New Zealand. Let’s take a look at how Round Three played out..

Game 1

It was Breakaway looking for a win against Legacy Esports in the first match of the night, and there could not have been a more entertaining start as a 4k from j1rah came only seconds too late as Lacore defused Breakaway’s bomb on A site on Mirage. Lacore fell alongside BL1TZ, stat and lonsdale to the pistol of j1rah but it was Legacy who took that first point. With j1rah taking an AK47 into the second round, it failed to make much impact as again Breakaway shied away from mid control and gave over another two rounds to start 3-0 down.

Legacy didn’t let up, as BL1TZ took some fantastic kills over the next six rounds to up their lead to 9-0 before Breakaway clutched out a round to finally get on the board. Legacy took three more before Breakaway found their second, as it was Legacy’s stellar site control that choked out their opponents. Down 12-3 going into the second half, Breakaway needed to turn up, but the pistol round went again in the way of Legacy.

The two teams traded maps back and forward, but it was Legacy who quickly exerted their influence once more to move to match point with Breakaway needing 11 rounds just to tie it up. Breakaway were hungry for the comeback and clutched multiple rounds, eventually taking 11 of them before Legacy closed it out in a game that was more of a stomp than the scoreline belied.

Game 2

With the main Chiefs roster overseas representing Oceania at eXTREMESLAND, it was up to the Academy side to attempt to take down Grayhound Gaming. It was always going to be a tough challenge, and Grayhound didn’t look they’d stop for the fledgling side as they first took out the pistol round and went on a dominating run to take seven more rounds.

Chiefs Academy took a round back to stop the run after Pill picked off both sterl1ng and DickStacy before falling to erkaSt, but not before the Chiefs player had dropped him to only 15 health. With the rest of the Chiefs on AWPs, it seemed they had the upper hand with only AK-47s on erkaSt and malta. They didn’t disappoint as both remaining Grayhound players fell to give the Chiefs side a small amount of hope.

Grayhound bounced back and closed out their first half without the loss of a single map, and they took the pistol round of the second half as well to push to match point and an extremely daunting challenge for the Chiefs lineup. For a few rounds, it looked like they could make a miracle run as they snapped three quick rounds, but Grayhound put them down to take the one-sided victory.

Game 3

The last game of the day was even more one-sided, as our wildcard team Ground Zero took on Tainted Minds, who’d had a blistering run through the tournament so far. There’s very little to say here, as Tainted Minds started on absolute fire, taking the first 14 rounds with little contest from Ground Zero.

However, there was a ray of hope as Ground Zero clutched out the final round of the first half, and with Twitch chat calling for a reverse sweep as well as bemoaning the lack of free food, they started the next pistol round strong. But the win wasn’t to be as Tainted Minds took that one as well as the next to take out what was a monstrous victory and add even more momentum going forward in the tournament.

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