What is CyberGamer and what does this mean for the LPL community?


What is CyberGamer and what does this mean for the LPL community?

17th Jan 2019

Happy New Year everybody!

LPL has recently acquired CG is a subscription-based website dedicated to competitive online gaming, founded by two gamers in the early 2000s. It provides PC and console users with ladders, leagues and forums related to gaming and esports.

So, what does this mean for your average gamer and the wider LPL community?

The beauty of CyberGamer is that the platform allows anyone to sign up to esports tournaments – be it as a solo player or as a team depending on the game – and progress through ranks, winning prize pool money (and those ever-important bragging rights) along the way. Think of it like a traditional sport grassroots programme where one can start in amateur and work their way up to the pro leagues if they so wish.

Not only does acquiring CyberGamer give our community an awesome opportunity to step up into the world of esports, but LPL can now offer a variety of different tournaments at all levels of play for gamers all around the world – all happening simultaneously. This means more players, more matches, more titles and more broadcasts!

The league divisions will be split up into a tiered system like so:

  • PRO – The best of the best, always has LAN finals and is always broadcasted (usually on TV) and on Twitch.
  • Challenger – (Formally CGi/Platinum), often broadcasted, is the top division tier if PRO is not supported in said game.
  • Evolution – (Formally CGm/Gold), requires users to qualify/relegate up from Amateur. This division, for now, will only apply to games with a large pool of players – such as CS:GO.
  • Amateur – (Formally CGa/Silver), the only requirement to compete is to have an active subscription on the platform. A step up from Open for those who want to dip their toes into competitive esports.
  • Open – This is the default free ladder where players can build up some skill before choosing to enter Amateur.

The platform also provides a discussion board for esports enthusiasts to chat about the current leagues, titles and matches, as well as keep up to date with LPL news and announcements and become part of the wider esports community.

For the time being, users can register at for a free ‘Open’ division account and subscribe from there.

This month we have already announced a variety of LPL x CG tournaments including:

StarCraft 2
COD: Black Ops 4
Clash Royale

and we’re looking forward to announcing more titles in the very near future! To keep up to date with the newest announcements, follow our Twitter account.

At the moment tournament registration is only available on the CyberGamer website – but look out for something awesome launching on LPL’s website early this year. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking at HQ for the past 6 months.

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