Week 5 Wrap-Up: CS:GO ANZ Invitational


Week 5 Wrap-Up: CS:GO ANZ Invitational

7th Nov 2018

Our round-robins wrapped up last week in Week 5 of the LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Invitational. These matches would decide who would go through to the Semi Finals on Wednesday 7th and Grand Finals on Thursday 8th November LIVE from LPL Studios in Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower. See how it all went down in our weekly wrap-up:

Game 1 – Legacy vs. Grayhound

Our first game of the last day of the group stage was sure to be a great game, as Legacy took on Grayhound in direct competition for a finals position. Grayhound came out swinging, securing the pistol round after catching Legacy’s B rush and allowing erkaSt to pick himself up an early 3k. With Legacy opting to fully save, it was no sweat for Grayhound to rush in with their SMGs and claim another round.

However, the script was flipped as Legacy took not one, not two, but three rounds in a row to put Grayhound on the back foot. It did seem like the winds had changed but Grayhound smelled blood and went on a quick run to pick up six rounds, with erkaSt and sterling nailing frag after frag to have 16 and 13 kills respectively. Legacy countered however, with two rounds before they traded to give Grayhound a 9-6 lead heading into the second half.

Picking up the pistol round, Grayhound forced Legacy off the site in the second round, making them leave with their pistols as Grayhound’s economy kept building. Leading 12-6, the game was getting further and further out of hand for Legacy, and their seventh round would be their last as they won a 2v2 fight around A. Grayhound closed it out a few minutes later to take the strong win.

Game 2 – Tainted Minds vs. Chiefs

It was competition leaders Tainted Minds going up against the Chiefs Esports Club in our second game of the night, and what might have seemed like a close game at the outset certainly wasn’t. TM took the pistol round and round after round to astonishingly reach a 10-0 lead before moey picked up his first kill of the game to win a round for the Chiefs. Texta, on the other hand, limited the damage as he tied the most kills in the game with sico from TM.

Tainted Minds picked up three more rounds before Chiefs managed to take their second after flickz stepped up massively to pick off player after player from TM. Down 13-2 at the changeover, the Chiefs couldn’t manifest a victory in the pistol round, but did manage to sneak a round here and there. They almost took their sixth in an epic showdown at the B site before marquez stepped up to pick off three members of the Chiefs and take the game with it.

Game 3 – Breakaway vs. Ground Zero

The final game of the invitational was Breakaway heading up against Ground Zero, and it started with a bang as Breakaway took two rounds quickly before a flank from deStiny annihilated their health bars. Ground Zero equalised before Breakaway bounced out to a strong 5-2 lead with some spectacular site control. Looking hot, Breakaway hunted for an opportunity to press their advantage, but it was Ground Zero who lit up Dust II as they stormed back into the match to lead 9-6 at the changeover.

The game was shaping up to start getting out of control for Breakaway as Ground Zero took the pistol round and a second one straight after thanks to a 4k from NikkeZ. Leading 11-6, the game was firmly in the favour of Ground Zero, but it started going downhill from there. Both teams were hunting for their first win, and Breakaway were determined to seize it.

Breakaway equalised, much to the shock of Ground Zero, but they weren’t content with that as they ran over the game to take round after round to move to match point with Ground Zero stuck on 11 for now 9 rounds in a row. A last ditch effort from Ground Zero didn’t get anywhere as Breakaway closed out the game fantastically and end the round robin on a high.

Join us for our LIVE Semi-Finals this Wednesday 7th November at 8pm on SKY SPORT 6 and when Chiefs take on Legacy – and see who will come out vitorious to challenge Tainted Minds on Thursday 8th November at 8pm on SKY SPORT 6 and!

Written by Alex Leckie-Zaharic
Image credit: @TJBirrd

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