LPL Pro Six Oceanic Cup NZ Qualifier Wrap Up


LPL Pro Six Oceanic Cup NZ Qualifier Wrap Up

4th Mar 2019

It’s been an exciting time for NZ’s Rainbow Six Siege community this year. The LPL Pro Six Oceanic Cup NZ Qualifier Grand Final took place at LPL Studios last month, seeing the top 2 teams from the region going head to head ahead of Ubisoft’s Six Oceanic Cup. Fighting for bragging rights, the W and prize money were Equinox vs Zero Gravity in an intense BO3 match-up. Here’s what went down at the end of February.

Match One was off to a great start for both teams, each winning 1 round apiece on Oregon. Zero Gravity gained momentum and started to dominate with a 4 point lead, but then Equinox shifted gear and began to claim a few more rounds. However it wasn’t enough to clutch the match, with Zero Gravity taking the first round 7 – 4 in their favour.

In Match Two, Equinox took the first round with ease on their favourite map Border as predicted by casters Ian ‘LAN’ Seaton and Konstantin ‘Cthulu’ Nuridzhanyan. Where Zero Gravity had excelled last match we saw them falter, unable to fight the expertise from Equinox on this map. They attempted to shift the tides in their favour with a round win, but it wasn’t enough to clutch the whole match. Equinox eventually went to match point with a 6-1 lead. They took out the round to win Match Two 7-1 and take us to Match Three – the tiebreaker.

Match Three took place on Consolate. These rounds were arguably the most nail-biting of the entire afternoon with many rounds coming down to a 1 v 1 wire. Despite this, Equinox continued to ride the wave of momentum they had gained in Match Two and dominated the scoreboard. They kept their composure and took the final match 7-1, ultimately winning the grand final 2-1 and securing that first place prize money along with some sweet bragging rights!

All in all it was a great weekend for R6S in New Zealand. Standout performances throughout the match came from Equinox’s Xh1bit and Zero Gravity’s Johnny. Both teams successfully qualify for Ubisoft’s Six Oceanic Cup event later this month. We at LPL wish them all the best and can’t wait to see them in action representing NZ’s R6S community.

If you missed the action, don’t worry. Head to our Twitch channel to watch the entire broadcast.

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