LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week 3


LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week 3

1st Mar 2019

This week we saw 2 more Mirage games and yet another overtime on Inferno involving Breakaway Esports, but we also had the first forfeit in the tournament dropping us down to only three games as well as some roster shuffles.

16 – 10

The first game of the week was a scrappy one as the dark horse Paradox were going up against the disappointing AVANT. Neither team were able to secure more than 3 rounds in a row, constantly trading chunks of rounds. Sadly for AVANT though, most of these chunks were in the favour of Paradox and despite some nice play from the Kiwi boys RaZ and soju_j they fell in the 26th round.

16 – 10

The Chiefs are rebuilding their roster due to recent loses of MoeycQ and Infrequent, so they fielded a stand-in roster this week featuring; ekul, ino, xertz, bedonka and cookie.

Unfortunately for them Athletico isn’t an easy win and this was going to be a tough match for Stand-In Chiefs from the outset. They looked to be able to go head-to-head with Athletico in the first half posting 8 rounds to Athletico’s 7 and then picking up the pistol round in the second half too. From there it is all bad news for Stand-In Chiefs as the duo of smooth_criminal22 & ADK begin to get warmed up on the CT-Side as they post some big numbers and claim the victory 16-10.

19 – 17

Going into this match both Breakaway and Ground Zero were 2-0 undefeated so far in the season and this clash did not disappoint. We also got to see MoeycQ’s 3rd map with the Ground Zero roster after replacing NikkeZ.

It looked like Ground Zero were going to run off it with early on getting the first 5 rounds, but then a switch flicked in Breakaway and they started holding down the bombsites and got the score as close as it could be, 7-8, at half time. In the second half both teams traded streaks of rounds back and forth until Ground Zero won their 15th round, then it was do or die for Breakaway. Breakaway had 5 AK-47’s, but that is all they would need after some heroics from Llamas getting 4 kills and the clutch to secure overtime.

Breakaway and going into overtime on Inferno, name a more iconic duo. Breakaway looked to hold the momentum by picking up the first round of overtime like they did last week, but then things began to fall apart as Ground Zero captured round after round and didn’t give their opponents any breathing room. Eventually Breakaway broke and Ground Zero stormed to a hard fought victory to continue the undefeated streak.

W – L

The final match of the day would have seen ICON (fka. Tainted Minds) take on Genuine Gaming, but ICON forfeited the match. This forfeit gives Genuine their first win in the season, although probably not in the way they would want it – a win is a win.


Rank Team Matches Match W/L Round W/L Round Diff
1 (1) AU flagGround Zero 3 3 0 51 : 39 12
2 (1) AU flagBreakaway Esports 3 2 1 52 : 35 17
3 (2) AU flagParadox 3 2 1 33 : 34 -1
4 (1) AU flagICON Esports 3 1 2 26 : 17 9
5 (3) AU flagAthletico 3 1 2 40 : 45 -5
6 (2) AU flagChiefs Esports Club 3 1 2 34 : 42 -8
7 (NC) AU flagGenuine Gaming 3 1 2 22 : 32 -10
8 (2) AU flagAvant Gaming 3 1 2 27 : 41 -14

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This article was originally published on Esports Kingdom. 
Written by: Grady Hooker
Image credit: HLTV

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