Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 3


Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 3

20th Mar 2019

HSL returned for its third week this week, breaking the pattern of quick matches resulting in two games being broadcast. Scots College took on Te Puke High School, who we saw take a hefty win last week. Scots College had also taken a one-sided victory against Rangitoto College the week before. With two teams having proven themselves as front-runners in the league this was going to be our most exciting game yet!

Radiant side was played by higher seed Scots College, meaning Te Puke High School took up Dire. First blood went to drew of Scots College on Arcadia in the top lane. The beginning of the match continued to be close, with both teams picking up kills. Te Puke managed to edge ahead 5-4 with some Windranger kills and an intense 3 vs. 1, but Scots called in reinforcements and Eatpls went on a killing spree to pull the scoreboard up to 10-6 in their favour.

Te Puke piled on some more points as the scoreboard tugged back and forth in each teams favour. It was a tight game in the middle, but TPHS’ defense was unfavourable against Scots attack. Riding on the coat tails of their initial lead, Scots’ Eatpls went on yet another killing spree and nicos landed some double kills. The score eventually read 30-23 against TPHS.

By the time Scots reach TPHS’ base it was all but over. The final score read 35-23 in favour of Scots College, pushing them to the top of the league leaderboard.

Our offline match results were:
Rangitikei College 1 (L) vs Mount Albert Grammar School (W)
Rangitoto College 1 (L) vs Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae (W)
Lynfield College (L) vs Haileybury College (W)
Rangitikei College 2 (Default W) vs BYE *

*Rangitoto College #2 have withdrawn from the competition. All future matches scheduled against Rangitoto #2 is now a BYE (no match). The opposing team will automatically gain 1 point from a default win.

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