Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 2


Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 2

12th Mar 2019

DOTA 2 HSL returned this week with another double-match broadcast as two teams dominated the playing field so quickly we once again had time for a second match! Caster Matt “Smite” Ross was joined by Sebastian “Lennox” Rodriguez this week, who has signed on to co-cast for the rest of the season. Let’s see how this week’s matches squared up:

Lynfield (W) vs. Rangitoto (L)

Rangitoto College’s Team 1 and Team 2 ended up merging after Week 1 of HSL to form one team. However their new line-up unfortunately wasn’t enough to earn them a win this week. Lynfield College – our Dota 2 HSL 2018 Holiday Cup Champions – continued their winning streak, proving why they were crowned champions last year. Stand-out performances came from Lyanden of Lynfield College, picking up Triple Kills and Ultra Kills in the second half of the match. A landslide victory saw the scoreboard read 53 – 2 with enough time left to take us to the second match of the evening.

Te Puke (W) vs. Rangitekei 1 (L)

Rangitikei College saw both teams 1 & 2 fall in the first week of HSL. Looking to earn their first win going into Week 2, Rangitekei 1 managed to grab some kills early on in the game however, Te Puke took 2 kills to bring the score 4 – 2 against Rangitikei 1. TPHS were always one step ahead from there on out. They capitilised on enemy mistakes and cleaned up the last kill, bringing the final score to 30-3 and concluding the evening of one-sided matches.

Our offline match results were:
Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae (W) vs Rangitikei College 2 (L)
Haileybury College vs Scots College (Match rescheduled to Friday 15th)
Mount Albert Grammar School (Default W) vs BYE*

*Rangitoto College #2 have withdrawn from the competition. All future matches scheduled against Rangitoto #2 is now a BYE (no match). The opposing team will automatically gain 1 point from a default win.

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