Oceania's pro-gaming surge


Oceania's pro-gaming surge

3rd Sep 2016

There’s a social revolution occurring right before us and its effects are global. eSports has burst onto the scene and become a global phenomenon. Despite some backlash from the mainstream media and professional athletes from traditional sports, eSports has thrived.

eSport’s expanding influence

Want proof that eSports are a huge deal? Teams are now purchasing giant ‘Gaming Houses’ and moving their players to live there during the season. Psychologists are being employed left and right to help mentally prepare players. In fact, Legacy is one of those teams to recently employ the help of a sports psychologist.

Australia and New Zealand is a ripe region ready for exponential growth in the eSports market. They’re right on the cusp of being mainstream, and Riot is pulling out all the bells and whistles to make sure they’re leading the way.

The model is simple. Replicate the success Riot has experienced in North America, Europe, and Asia in every possible market. After witnessing 13,000 fans pack into yet another sold out Mecedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany at last year’s World Championship, the possibilities are endless.

Obstacles that remain in the way

Perhaps the biggest obstacle still remaining to overcome is attracting larger companies as sponsors. The product is becoming increasingly more refined, and you can unequivocally state that there is some world class eSports talent in Australia and New Zealand.

Sponsors are a lagging indicator of an eSports boom, and as the level of competition remains consistent, expect for more sponsors to jump onboard. We’re already seeing big eSports companies, like Tempo Storm, purchasing Australian talent.

In order for eSports to continue to grow in Australia and New Zealand, the infrastructure must also be improved, facilitating new and exciting ways to engage their audience. This essentially increases the value of the region in sponsors eyes as well, drawing in more expendable resources to promote their material.

One such organization is looking to make that a real possibility.

eSports growth in Australia and New Zealand

Perhaps the biggest indication that eSports are ready to explode in Australia and New Zealand is the recently formed New Zealand eSports Federation. New Zealand now has a governing body that gives a voice and direction for eSports in their country.

Part of the strategy for doing this is promoting tournaments within their region, like the NZGC. Now in its second year, the tournament will be reaching new milestones this year. For the first time ever, the entire event will be televised instead of just the finals.

Beginning on September 3rd, eSports fans can now tune into Sky Sport 3 to watch live matches. The final at the MOTAT will also feature a live audience (more details on this later).

League of Legends is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, as the NZGC is quickly looking to expand into other markets like DOTA 2 and Call of Duty.

NZGC and are the future for eSports in Australia and New Zealand. Our vision and taste for excellency will pave the way for future generations to enjoy eSports in a completely new and exhilarating fashion.


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