LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week 4


LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week 4

8th Mar 2019

This week in the LPL PRO CS:GO ANZ Championship we see ICON (fka. Tainted Minds) officially withdraw from the league and the fallout from that involving points being handed around and teams to have 2 matches in one day.

Tainted Minds have officially withdrawn from LetsPlayLive CS:GO ANZ Championship Season 1 and has been removed from the league leader-board. We will be removing Round Wins/Losses that involved Tainted Minds/ICON (this effects AVANT and Chiefs) and we will also be reversing AVANT’s loss. All other teams that have yet to face Tainted Minds (Ground Zero, Breakaway, Paradox and Athletico) will be gaining 1 win and 3 points on the board.

16 – 4 (Overpass)

Last week Chiefs used a completely substitute roster, but this week they have sorted themselves and picked up the Kiwi duo of zewsy and ofnu from Tainted Minds to complete their 5-man team. The complete shift in roster left all of the teams they faced this week in a disadvantage as they didn’t even know what sort of roles everyone was going to settle into or have any tape to study.

Breakaway were coming off a tough loss last week and seemed to get the momentum early with the pistol round and the following 2, but then everything began to fall away as Chiefs put a stop to it. From that point on Breakaway threw everything they had at Chiefs, but just couldn’t break the defense. Their single respite came on the final round of the half, but it was short lived as Chiefs picked up the second pistol and then it was all over from there.

16 – 3 (Inferno)

Coming off the hot win mere minutes before Chiefs were on a roll. They fixed up what went wrong with the last game and won the first pistol round, but unfortunately dropped rounds 4, 5 and 6 to Genuine. From here Chiefs were determined to beat their previous score against Breakaway and just wouldn’t let up on Genuine – they actually won the remaining 13 rounds all by kills as well, no bomb plant required.

If you think these two stomps were maybe a lucky streak for the Chiefs, we can look to the 3 other ESEA Mountain Dew League games that Chiefs have also played with this new roster; 16-1 over Caladrius, 16-2 over PC419 and then a 4-16 lose to Grayhound Gaming.

16 – 11 (Mirage)

At this point it didn’t look good for Genuine; they were still without a single win (ignoring the forfeit of Tainted), they had just lost 16-3 to Chiefs in the previous game and they have the worst round difference of any team in the league. Despite all of this Genuine never gave up and SkulL & stat really pulled through when needed to get a solid 12-3 half, but it wasn’t easy. In the second half it seemed like the table were turned as Genuine was unable to mount much of a defense with Paradox just rolling over top of them. Luckily they only needed to secure 4 rounds and they managed to squeak those out for the win.

16 – 11 (Inferno)

The most competitive match of the night, AVANT vs. Athletico, or should I call it soju_j vs. Athletico. This was such a back and forth game and looked to be anyones game, often coming down to a defusal or bomb explosion to secure the round. soju_j was going absolutely ham carrying his team and ended the game on a 29-13 KD and was a beast on the A-Site. Ultimately this game came down to AVANT, and soju_j, come up victorious in a bunch of key rounds that swayed the round total in their favour and eventually to the magic number of 16.


Rank Team Points Matches Match W/L Round W/L Round Diff
1 (NC) AU flagGround Zero 12 (0) 4 4 0 51 : 39 12
2 ( 4) AU flagChiefs Esports Club 9 (6) 5 3 2 50 : 39 11
3 ( 5) AU flagAvant Gaming 9 (3) 4 3 1 42 : 36 6
4 ( 2) AU flagBreakaway Esports 9 (0) 5 3 2 56 : 51 5
5 ( 2) AU flagParadox 9 (0) 5 3 2 44 : 50 -6
6 ( 1) AU flagAthletico 6 (0) 5 2 3 51 : 61 -10
7 (NC) AU flagGenuine Gaming 6 (3) 5 2 3 41 : 59 -18

How to watch
Tune in every  at on SKY Sport in New Zealand and worldwide.

The Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be played live from the LetsPlay.Live studios in Auckland, New Zealand on 28th March and  respectively. Also, if you live in New Zealand, you can attend the Grand Finals live at the SKYCITY Theatre in the Auckland CBD. More details coming soon!

This article was originally published on Esports Kingdom. 
Written by: Grady Hooker
Image credit: HLTV

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