Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week One


Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week One

15th Apr 2019

16 of ANZ’s best motor-sim drivers raced onto the scene last week in LPL PRO’s first episode of the Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship for Season 1.  Let’s see how Week One fared for our participants driving through beautiful Ruapuna Park in Christchurch!

Our first race saw a three-man corner between Robert “MurphysLaw” Northway, Daniel Shields and Kyl “THRMadzieAU” Madden, predicted by our casters Simon Chapman and Brendon White. We would see these three racers neck-and-neck for the majority of the first lap as they aimed for that crucial first place on the track, waiting for the right moment to sneak around and ahead of their competitors.

Matthew “Bull” Pluck crept up from the fourth to challenge Daniel Shields, who had dropped from lead position into P2 (second place) against current race leader MurphysLaw. Taking advantage of the slipstream, Bull snuck ahead of Shields into P2 – and these two racers began inching ahead of each-other for the remainder of the lap. Bull eventually fell back to P3 and dropped all the way down to P6 as Shields and MurphysLaw continued to dominate, both determined to snag the lead as they both took advantage of corners and timing.

However it wasn’t smooth sailing – or rather, smooth driving – as an attempt at a pothole pass saw MurphysLaw spin out under the pressure of Shields who gladly took the lead in his opponents wake. Shields eventually took Race 1 in first place on the leaderboard and the advantage starting going into Race 2. THRMadzieAU took second place, and Bull had raced back up to third by the time the checkered flag was flown.

MurphysLaw was back for redemption with another excellent start, determined not to make the same mistakes as Race 1. At the first corner THRMadzieAU unfortunately took a lead from MurphysLaw’s book and was bumped off of the track into the weeds by Daniel Shields. In all that commotion MurphysLaw managed to nab the lead from Shields into turn 2 and Shields dropped to P3.

In a nerve-wracking series of inner corners Shields attempted to take the lead and bump MurphysLaw off the track. Whilst he couldn’t knock his opponent off again, he did snag the lead at the last minute – but tragically disconnected from the match at the most crucial time. MurphysLaw’s compulsory pit stop allowed THRMadzieAU to grab the lead on the final corner of Lap 25 and take out Race 2.

Our current standings are as follows:

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