Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 6


Dota 2 High School League Wrap-Up: Week 6

12th Apr 2019

This week in High School League we saw top-of-the-leaderboard Scots College take on bottom-of-the-leaderboard Rangitikei College #2. It’s easy to guess how the match went, but since we have to write one of these things every week you might as well read on!

Scots College confidence shone through at the beginning of the match as they flexed on the enemy team with emotes before first blood was drawn. They could talk the talk – but could they walk the walk? The answer was yes. In fact, they could do more than walk – they could stomp, too!

First blood went to match stand-out Eatpls of Scots College, taking out Jacent of Rangitikei #2 a mere two minutes into the match. Eatpls would carry on to create some of the most exciting plays of the game, helping his team rack up 21 points to 0 thanks to a sneaky attack from behind that Rangitikei just didn’t see coming.

25 minutes into the hour and Scots College absolutely rolled Rangitikei, who struggled to find momentum. Nicoos of Scots College began to take some double and triple kills, lifting his status in the game up to the level of Eatpls. The scoreboard read 45-0, with Rangitikei desperately looking to get something on the board before the match ended.

Four minutes later and they did just that – Eyes of Rangitikei #2 managed to nab a kill on Ender of Scots.

It was looking like an easy finish for Scots College, but Rangitikei had finally found their groove – even if it was a little late. An army of Rangitikei creeps and several well-timed attacks kept Scots from effectively taking down their towers. It was a pretty entertaining end to the match, and at some point Eyes became stuck on a glitchy section of the map. Rangitikei even managed to get another kill on Scots, but Eatpls and Nicoos were on a roll with triple kills and a 3 v 1 to clutch the end of the game.

Ultimately Rangitikei #2 fell 86 – 2 to Scots College, but we’re proud of their efforts and sportsmanship!

HSL now goes on a 2 week break to account for the school holidays and Easter Break. We’ll be back to regular scheduling on Monday 29th May 2019 on both and SKY Sport.

Our offline match results were:
Rangitoto College 1 (L) vs Mount Albert Grammar (W)
Rangitikei College 1 (L) vs Lynfield College (W)
Haileybury College (W) vs Te Puke High School (L)
BYE* vs Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae (Default W)

*Rangitoto College #2 have withdrawn from the competition. All future matches scheduled against Rangitoto #2 is now a BYE (no match). The opposing team will automatically gain 1 point from a default win.


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