Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship Wrap-Up: Week Three


Catch up on all the action!

7th May 2019

Week 3 of the Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship has come and gone with nothing short of exhilarating racing. With only 4 weeks until the LIVE grand final in Auckland the race was on and the pressure was here to rack up those crucial leaderboard points. 

Week 3 - Thursday 25th April

ANZAC Day seemed the perfect fit for a Trans-Tasman championship race - however, the weather at Fuji Speedway in Japan was anything but. Our racers were faced with torrential rain and monsoon conditions resulting in an early clash less than 10 seconds from the starting block in race one.

Poor conditions meant this was anyone's game, but front-runner regulars Murphy's Law, Bull and Shields inched out to P1, 2 and 3 from the get-go in a show of speed, skill and control. However they weren't completely free of collisions. Murphy's Law, in P3, rear-ended P2 placed Bull in Lap 5 of the first race.

The race continued on, with drivers being extra cautious on the rain-covered track so as not to cause any unnecessary spin-outs or collisions. All was looking as per usual in the middle of the pack, however the top 3 placements saw a bit of an upset towards the end of Race One. 

"It's truly an ANZAC battle here on ANZAC Day!" exclaimed our casters as Kiwi MurphysLaw stole the lead from Australia's Shields in the last few laps to eventually clutch the lead. Bull took advantage of this and snuck into P2 from P3, having dropped into the middle of the pack previously in the race.

Week 3 Race One results:
1. Robert "MurphysLaw" Northway

2. Matthew "Bull" Pluck

3. Daniel Shields

Race Two saw no change from the miserable weather at Fuji Speedway. Whilst there were no collisions at the start of the race, there were a few great starts from the likes of nzsimonb and THRMadzieAU. Madzie took a risk and it paid off, snagging the early lead from star racer Daniel Shields.

Madzie and Shields continued to battle for P1 placement, inching ahead of each-other for the next five laps. Disaster struck on Lap 6 when Madzie took a deep corner on a late break and spun out in-front of Shields. A brief collision saw Madzie knocked into the weeds allowing his opponent to snap up the lead. 

Four laps later saw more chaos on the track as the bad weather and terrible driving conditions got the best of our racers on Lap 10. BmwDan3 attempted to overtake DaveStone in P5 but collided, forcing him into the grass and losing those crucial seconds on the clock.

MonkeyMatt came out of nowhere to take the lead in Lap 19, but he was still needing to take a compulsory pit-stop before crossing the finish line. As speedy as his pit-stop was it simply wasn't enough, with the re-fuelled MurphysLaw clutching back-to-back victorys on our ANZAC day broadcast.

Week 3 Race Two results:

1. Robert "MurphysLaw" Northway

2. Matthew "Bull" Pluck

3. Daniel Shields

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