Announcing our Season 3 2019 line-up!


18th Jul 2019

LetsPlay.Live are delighted to announce our Season 3 line-up for 2019!

Following a successful second season and our re-branding in May, our Season 3 line-up introduces new gaming titles to the platform whilst still continuing suppor for popular titles from previous seasons gone by.

Titles announced for the upcoming season include StarCraft II, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Clash Royale, Battalion 1944 and FIFA 19. Additional Season 3 titles will be announced in the coming fortnight and will be listed below!

“We are thrilled to be seeing LPL’s online tournaments heading into their third season of 2019,” says Amy Potter, LPL’s Head of Platforms and Leagues. “ANZ players can look forward to both returning and new titles in our tournament line-up, giving gamers more opportunities to test their competitive skills and even more chances to win on the platform.”

Any Australian and New Zealand gamers interested in participating in LPL esports are invited to register for upcoming tournaments by visiting and join the official community Discord channel here:

Links to Season 3 event pages: