LPL x NRL League Royale Wrap-Up


Thank you Sydney!

8th Oct 2019

The LPL x NRL League Royale featuring Fortnite wrapped up last Sunday with our Grand Final event live from Sydney, Australia. Hosted and casted by the incredible Robert “ManicMunday” Munday and Shaun “Aussie Antics” Cochrane, we had an awesome afternoon of streaming, interviews and the Grand Final Event!

Special thanks to the NRL for helping LPL make this happen. We would like to give shout-outs to our 5 winners LunR, newbatoon, Tsunami, Breso and Jynx who competed on stage, our 80 qualified players online, our streamer talent JarradHD, FaZe Hazz and KristyyLeigh, and to our NRL superstars Benji Madden, Josh Mansour and Ryan James for having a good go at esports.

Congratulations to our Top 5 placements:

  1. priceAK
  2. Bola
  3. Vexus
  4. Jamie
  5. Parallel Rel

GGWP to all of our players!

If you missed the stream or couldn’t make it to the event in Sydney, you can watch the broadcast in full below.

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