League of Legends: Let your role define you


League of Legends: Let your role define you

1st Sep 2016

Within League of Legends, there are complex decisions that must be made. Most of all, one must decide what champion to begin their thrilling adventure on. Champion’s have unique roles and personalities. With over 150 champions to choose from there, most certainly there’s a champion made just in your eyes!

Tank champions are the front line, damage soaking meat shields. Their main goal is to get in the face of the enemy and soak up as much damage as possible. They generally have AoE (Area of Effect) spells and CC (Crowd Control) abilities to help disable the enemy team.

Tanks want to build high health and mitigation items (armor/magic resistance), allowing them to live as long as possible. Tanks generally fill the top lane or jungle position for the team.

Some current meta tanks include Shen, Mao’kai, Leona, and Braum.

Mage champions are typically back line magical ability nukes (some exceptions apply, such as melee mages like Diana or Akali). They typically have the lowest armor, magic resist, and HP (Hit Points) compared to the other roles, but they also are unmatched in their ability to erase enemy champion’s health. Mages are a high priority for friendly tank champions to protect because of their fragility.

Mages excel at bursting down a single target, with added AoE spells to assist in team fights.

Current meta mages include Azir, Viktor, Annie, and Leblanc. They are often seen in the mid lane and want to build ability power, cooldown, or magic penetration items.

Marksmen champions, or ADC (Attack Damage Carries) as they are often called in game, are killing machines. These are ranged champions that deal damage from the backline, bringing unparalleled ability to sustain in team fights as well as taking down turrets swiftly.

Much like the mages, these champions have the lowest armor, magic resist, and HP of the specified roles, preferring to build high attack damage items and sacrifice defensive efficiency. Because of this, marksmen often are in the bottom lane and accompanied by a support champion.

Current meta marksmen include Sivir, Vayne, Ashe, Tristana, and Kalista.

Bruiser champions bring the front line damage as well as some sustainability to team fights. Bruiser champions typically want to bully the backline of the enemy team, and can often be found in the top lane or jungle.

While there are some glass cannon DPS (Damage Per Second) focused bruisers such as Master Yi or Rengar (these are also referred to as Assassins), most current meta bruisers, such as Darius, Garen, and Gnar, build one to two damage items and then go strictly tank items.

Support champions are completely utility based, giving direct or indirect aid/buffs to their allies. Supports also function as the main vision controller for their team (meaning they ward the most frequently). Unlike the other specific roles, they are not farm or kill dependent and instead get their gold from mastery selection benefits or gold generating items.

Supports typically have spells that either buff their team member’s stats, heal their team for missing health, or provide shields for preventative damage. On their own most supports provide minimal damage or output, but paired with nearby team members and they can control the result of the game.

Some current meta support champions include Braum, Thresh, Alistar, and Nami.

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