NZGC: DNA vs Villains post game review


NZGC: DNA vs Villains post game review

19th Sep 2016

We’re down to the last two series of the NZGC before the start of semifinals beginning on Saturday, September 3rd. Teams are still vying for positioning, with Villains in a prime spot for the Top 2. Let’s jump right into the action.

DNA vs Villains – Game On

In game one’s pick and ban phase, we saw a heavy emphasis on junglers. Elise, Nidalee, and Hecarim were all banned out. Villains would grab Graves, one of the few high damage, carry potential junglers left up.

A beautiful dive in the bottom lane by DNA at six minutes netted them first blood. Villain’s Shiny was all alone in lane, and Ark was more than happy to E over the wall and ult him. DNA wasn’t done there, though.

After ganking bottom, both Ark and 0two1 moved towards the mid lane. On there way over, they found Villains jungler, Dolfs, out of position. After quickly disposing of him, Ark and 0two1 then turned onto Kenste. Kenste would chase down Ark for a kill, but 0two1 was able to finish him off with the help of im tilting. DNA was up 3-1 just seven minutes in the game.

Villains sloppy play in game one continued. After Dolfs delayed stealing the enemy blue buff so he could give it to his mid laner, Kenste, they were both slow getting back to their side of the map. A great collapse by DNA increased their lead 5-2.

The action really ramped up 15 minutes into the game. DNA looked to take dragon after building up a small lead, but Villains was there to contest. It was a poor decision by Villains, essentially blind checking the pit. It was a near ace for DNA, picking up four kills to go up 10-2.

Another poor decision by Villains 21 minutes into the game (they over pursued a few of DNA’s players in their jungle), resulted in another four kills for DNA. Up 10k gold, DNA was in commanding lead.

DNA grabbed Baron buff at 26 minutes, immediately turning to Villains base to end the game. With their significant XP/gold lead, it was too much for Villains to overcome.

Game one goes to DNA!

DNA vs Villains – Game Two

It was power picks across the board for game two. DNA would end up with Elise in the jungle (previously banned in game one), Gangplank in the top lane (also banned), and Karma. Villains were able to grab Nidalee in the jungle (banned for game one) and Ekko.

First blood went over to Villains after a mental mistake by DNA’s ADC. Nephthyis over chased Shiny in the bottom lane, getting trapped up under the turret and critted down. Dolfs and bunbun were able to dive top lane as well, giving Villains a quick 2-0 lead.

After a few more solo kills, Villains were up 4-0 just 12 minutes into the game. In typical Villains fashion, they secured vision around dragon and were able to pick off three DNA members. DNA was down 0-7 now.

DNA were able to pick up a few backend picks, but all of their proactive plays were matched by Villains. Even when it looked like DNA had a slight advantage in skirmishes, a Villains member would rush in out of nowhere to help turn the fight.

With Baron buff now secured at 23 minutes, Villains burned down DNA’s bottom lane and steamrolled through the rest of DNA’s base for a sub-24 minute game two victory.

With the series tied at 1-1, we’re headed to a decisive game three!

DNA vs Villains – Game Three

We saw some trading around of picks in game three. Villains ended up with Elise, Gangplank, and Karma this game. Meanwhile, DNA went with Nidalee in the jungle and popular Soraka in the support role.

First blood went to Villains after im tilting got caught by a Caitlyn trap (second game in a row that Shiny has picked up first blood with a Caitlyn trap). With an early lead in bottom lane, Villains secured an early, 8 minute dragon.

DNA refused to let Villains early game aggression impact them, playing a beautiful skirmish in the bottom lane to perfection. Dodging around the Gangplank ultimate, Nephthyis picked up a return kill on Shiny’s first blood after Shiny went too deep for a kill on im tilting.

A solo kill by Sheldor73 on bunbun in the top lane put DNA up 2-1 just 12 minutes into the game. Villains countered by picking off im tilting in the bottom lane after he went to ward tribush.

Despite the game being tied at 2-2 after 15 minutes, Villains superior laning phase gave them a 2k gold advantage.

0Two1 made a crucial mistake 16:20 in game three, blindly jumping over the river wall into the enemy jungle area. Dolfs was more than happy to slap him with a cocoon and pick off DNA’s jungler.

With DNA’s jungler down, Villains turned towards yet another dragon. Sheldor73 attempted to stop them, but it was just another kill for Villains. Villains was now up 5-2 and 4k gold.

20 minutes into the game, we saw the action really pick up. A collapse on Sheldor73 top lane by Villains Dolfs and bunbun netted them another kill. With four members of DNA collapsing on Kenste in the bottom lane, Villains were more than happy to trade his life for Baron buff (Kenste would also take im tilting on his way to the shop).

With Baron buff, Villains looked to flex their large lead. They were able to kill three members of DNA and take bottom lane inhibitor. Villains then just methodically went top lane, catching DNA out of position yet again.

DNA had no way to stop Villains aggression, with Villains ending game three at 27 minutes and taking the series 2-1!

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