Oceanic Championship – Competitive Ruling



8th Apr 2020

After a thorough investigation, we have determined that Oceanic RLCS players delusioN and Frenzyy (formerly of Team Esper) deliberately compromised competitive integrity in order to lose Game 5 of their team's series against Team Fury. This is in direct violation of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Player Code of Conduct. These actions will result in a forfeiture of their prize money for that match and an immediate ban from all Psyonix-operated and/or LPL-operated tournaments until April 7, 2021.

Additionally, we have determined based on current supporting information that Team Esper's third Player, SSteve, did not intentionally compromise competitive integrity and will not be subject to disciplinary action.


Frenzyy and delusioN's actions during their match on April 5, 2020 NZT violated the Player's Code of Conduct found in Section 7 of the Official Rules: Upon inspection of chat logs, game footage, and an in-depth conversation between LetsPlay.Live and Psyonix, we have determined that these players compromised competitive integrity by intentionally throwing Game 5 of their match against Team Fury. As a result both Frenzyy and delusioN will be banned from all Psyonix-operated and/or LPL-operated tournaments until April 7, 2021.

Relevant rule: Section 7.2 states, "7.2 Competitive Integrity 

7.2.1 Each Player is expected to play to the best of her or his ability at all times during any match. Any form of unfair play is prohibited by these Rules, and may result in disciplinary action. Examples of unfair play include the following:

Collusion (e.g., any agreement between two or more Teams or Players on different Teams to pre-determine the outcome of a Game or Match), match fixing, bribing a referee or match official, or any other action or agreement to intentionally influence (or attempt to influence) the outcome of any match or Tournament."

Additional details on disciplinary actions can be found in Section 8 of the Official Rules:

Championship standings remain unchanged, as agreed by both Psyonix and LPL.


Both Psyonix and LPL take the competitive integrity of Rocket League Esports extremely seriously. This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be taken lightly. We reserve the right to impose any additional penalties at our sole discretion.