The Morning Download


LPL's Gaming and Pop-Culture News Show

17th Apr 2020

The Morning Download is our fun, weekly news and variety show presented live on Twitch. Think 'breakfast news show', for fans of gaming and pop-culture! Hosted by life-long nerds Amy 'HelloMissPotter' Potter and Jordan 'Xenojay' Tini, the show features segments such as The News, Vi-Vi-Vi-Video, Gaming Good Vibes and The Weekly Deals as well as competitions and opportunities for Twitch chat to join in on the fun! 

Tune in live every Wednesday morning at 10am NZT over at to catch the show, which is produced by our in-house LPL Studios team. If you miss the action live, don't worry, the full show is archived on Twitch for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

We do silly things, like try Szechuan sauce for the first time.

See you there!