Rocket League Oceanic Championship 2020 Results


And the winner is...

20th Apr 2020

LPL would like to thank everyone that tuned in to our first 2020 season of the Rocket League Oceanic Championship. Whilst we are disappointed that LAN did not go ahead, we are grateful to still be able to broadcast our season right until the end and keep players, staff, talent and audience members safe during these times.

Without further ado, introducing your LPL Pro Rocket League Oceanic 2020 Champions: Ground Zero!

A massive congratulations to Ground Zero's players Julz, Decka and Express for taking out the championship title. GGWP to Fury Australia who nabbed second place.

Your season rankings are:

  1. Ground Zero
  2. Fury
  3. Cringe Society
  4. Mindfreak
  5. Renegades
  6. ex-Esper
  7. Overt
  8. Canberra Havoc
We'd also like to congratulate our accolade winners of the season who walk away with a little extra cash in their pockets:

  • League Play MVP - Amphis
  • Golden Striker - Julz
  • Savior of the Season - Tango
  • Clutch Playmaker - Express

If you'd like to re-watch the season you can do so at our Twitch Page. We'll also be posting the best moments over on our PlayStuff channel!

Once again a big thank you to our players for participating in the league, for our talent casting and hosting throughout the season, to our broadcast and admin staff who worked tirelessly to make sure that our broadcast could continue in COVID-19 lockdown, to Psyonix for trusting us with the RLOC rights again and to you, our audience, for tuning in.