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25th Aug 2020


Want to get involved or explore our gaming titles? Click the Play button to explore what titles we offer. Each game title will outline past events we’ve hosted, including current & upcoming events. What are you waiting for? Click Play to get involved!

Throughout the year, LPL hosts three ten-week leagues. These are labelled as “LPL Season 1, LPL Season 2 and LPL Season 3.” Keep your eyes peeled as the number of games offered to players grow and expand with every new LPL Season!

We also offer a number of casual / weekly events, which are currently on hold while we revamp but we will hopefully launch these soon! Watch this space.

Don’t have the game you want to play in? Contact us here to let us know.


Want to connect with us and other LPL Players? Got a question? Want to start a discussion about the latest game patch? Looking for teammates to join LPL leagues? Visit our Forum page! 

Alternatively, we also have a Discord for our community to meet and interact. Jump in, look around and connect with fellow players:  


Want to know what events we’re hosting and how you can be involved? Head over to Events to see our current leagues, divisions and events.


Do you love watching esports content? Do you just want to sit back, relax and watch high-quality esports? We have that covered as well! Click Watch to find links to your favourite esports titles, leagues and teams to watch and cheer on. 

Our Youtube channel hosts all of our past broadcasts, and our Twitch channels will be where you can watch these matches live. You’ll also find our current season’s broadcast schedule so you know when and where to watch.


Wondering what LPL is up to? In the News page, you can find our latest news articles for important information, such as major tournament updates, player interviews, partnership deals and more.