LPL PUBG Friday Friendlies Ruling


An update about LPL PUBG Friday Friendlies.

20th Oct 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first two weeks of LPL PUBG Friday Night Friendlies. The LPL team have enjoyed watching some of the amazing gameplay and mayhem unfold!

This post is to address the incident that occurred in Week 2 - Up Close & Personal - which resulted in a portion of players using illegal guns after being instructed not to by LetsPlay.Live (LPL) Admins.

All players that picked up or used a banned gun after being warned against use will be disqualified from - and will be ineligible to sign up for - the remainder of the Friday Night Friendlies event. They will also not be eligible for Week 2 prizing.

Due to this unsportsmanlike behaviour we will be hosting an extra night of LPL PUBG Friday Night Friendlies to replay the games of Week 2. This Week 5 event, called SMG Showdown, will be held and broadcast on Friday November 6th from 6:30PM AEDT / 8:30PM NZDT. The matches will be held on Erangel with only SMG’s and Utilities available.

Duo teams who took part in Week 2 and were not disqualified will have preferential sign up and are guaranteed a space in Week 5, as long as they sign up before Thursday November 5th (10AM AEDT / 12PM NZDT). Any remaining spots will be open to the public. The Alienware provided prizes from Week 2 will be moved to the Week 5 prize pool.

We would like to thank and recognise all players and teams that did not use any banned equipment and upheld competitive integrity during Week 2. We will be giving the top 3 teams of the night a $50 NZD Steam voucher each (two per team) to acknowledge their sportsmanship throughout the evening. The top 3 teams are:

  1. 6RYN, Sweetsoul_
  2. HughesyHS, ReggiLove
  3. Fludd2k, lnsight
Congratulations to the above teams! We will reach out to you regarding your $50 Steam voucher.

We are putting steps in place to ensure that if any issues arise during any of our remaining events there are dedicated people around to resolve the issue to a standard that upholds LPLs mission and values, and ensures competitive integrity is maintained. 

Thank you to each and every player and viewer who has taken part or tuned into the games. We look forward to the final weeks of LPL PUBG Friday Friendlies!