LPL Pro CS:CO - Competitive Ruling


Competitive Ruling

24th Oct 2020

Players competing in the LPL Pro CS:GO Season 3 2020 league have been found by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to have breached wagering regulations through betting in the ESEA Mountain Dew League.

By doing so, these players have also breached LetsPlay.Live (LPL)’s integrity regulations - which they agreed to upon entering our leagues.

As per Clause 4: Betting:

A Participant must not make or receive a Bet on any Esports match, event or competition (a) in which they [or their team] are competing or may compete during the season; and (b) any competition in their sport taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Competitive integrity across both our leagues and leagues throughout the ANZ esports ecosystem is of utmost importance to LPL. As a result of these breaches, the following players will be penalised and banned from all LPL CS:GO activities for 12 months:

  • Daryl "Mayker" May
  • Corey "nettik" Browne
  • Akram "ADK" Smida
  • Damian "JD" Simonovic
  • Varlos "Rackem" Jefferys
  • Joshua "jhd" Hough

Team Rooster, who are scheduled to play next week in LPL Pro CS:GO Season 3 2020, are eligible to continue competing with substitute players. LPL’s Admin Staff will be working closely with Rooster management to address this situation.

LPL Staff understand that this is an ongoing investigation. We will continue to work closely with the New Zealand Esports Federation (NZESF) and monitor the situation should penalties issued by the ESIC change.


Ensuring, re-enforcing and upholding sportsmanship and competitive integrity is one of our foundations here at LPL. We would like to remind the community that any behavior to jeopardize this will be met with penalties accordingly in line with our pride and values as a professional tournament organiser. We reserve the right to impose any additional penalties at our sole discretion.

Update 19/11/2020

LPL Pro CS:GO Season 3 concluded in early November. Roosters placed third winning $1,000 AUD.

Due to a breach of LPL Pro Integrity Regulations, team participation agreements [signed by the team], and the competitive ruling made above, LPL will be withholding prize money reserved for the infringing players of Roosters (nettik and ADK). The rest of the players in Roosters will be awarded their prize money appropriately.

We would like to once again remind the community that LPL take competitive integrity extremely seriously and that infringement of this will be met with appropriate penalties.