New website 2018!


Welcome all to version 6 of the CyberGamer website.

17th May 2018

Its been awhile (2014) since we have had a facelift and many might say long overdue. Unlike previous version that maintained a similar look and feel over the years we have designed the new site from the ground up taking on members feedback.

We have made the site mobile friendly, less cluttered, easier to navigate. With one click from the home page you can be at your fav game.

One of the big changes users will find is we have dropped the CGo,a,m,i,p tags and replaced with something new gamers can understand at a glance.

Bronze - replaces the open division, free to play across all games is the entry point for all new and casual members of CG, or for games not big enough to have leagues.

Silver - This is the entry point into prized leagues replacing the Amatuer division

Gold - Replacing Main this is the midpoint for all games on CyberGamer

Platinum - Intermediate level of competition now has a more prestige name showing you are in the elite of your supported title

Platinum Pro - Replaces the pro teams for games large enough to have their finals offline.

We feel this gives members of all skill levels a clear path of progression and something they are familiar with as similar models are used in alot of game titles.

We have renamed Premium as this is no longer an accurate representation of what the service is. It is now a subscription model and lines up with the division you play in, if you play in gold a gold subscription is required. We expect the only other payments on the site will be the occasional stand-alone one day competition in the tournament system.

In saying that you can always purchase a subscription higher than the tier you play in to gain the benefits that subscription plan provides. More details on this will come shortly.

CyberGamer Version 6 gives users a number of options to log in or create accounts, FaceBook and Twitter can now be used to create new accounts or once linked in your user profile can be used to log into the website. Steam can also be used to log in (if you log in prior to linking your social media platform in your profile, this will create a new account).

We have changed a lot on the back end too, seasons are more automated to help admins and teams stay on top of the seasons and to ensure everything runs on time. The start, end dates, finals, relegations, roster locks are now all defined before the season starts and will automatically progress.

One of the biggest changes we have made to the leagues and ladders is bronze and silver for all games are elo rated, and will use a system similar to what AEM had. You will no longer offer challenges to other teams. During the week teams will be notified to update their available match times that they are available to play and the website will then match teams together based on selected times and elo. This should make it much easier for teams, the default settings is for teams to receive 3 matches per 12 days.

The other major change to the site is you will see there is no platform sites, we are all gamers, all passionate, and now all under the one site. We know you are passionate about your preferred method of playing be it PS4, PC, WII, Mobile or even XB but if you are a fortnite fan or Overwatch fan we want users to be able to share their thoughts together as the gaps in games close across platforms, so should the discussions.

Like any new change, we understand that our seasons players will need a few weeks to get around the site, however unlike previous versions we feel the new site allows for this with ease.

We also understand you might find a bug or two with the new site over the upcoming weeks, if you find such a bug let us know so we can ensure your experience here is the best it can be.

A special thanks goes to [email protected] who whilst in America has been here developing the new site every waking moment he has.

Welcome to CyberGamer Version Six