Welcome to Season 1 2021 with LPL!


Season Rundown - Season 1 2021

18th Jan 2021

Welcome to Season 1 2021 with LPL!

Thank you to everyone who competed in LetsPlay.Live (LPL) in 2020, and to all who tuned in to support our broadcasts. With the support from our players, viewers and fans, we were able to triumph through 2020 - a rough year for many!

The first season of every year is always an exciting time for us - we felt that Season 3 2020 was a fantastic season, introducing a new look & feel to broadcasts and pushing out more content both inside & outside of tournament play. In this upcoming season of Season 1 2021, we look to learn what made Season 3 2020 so successful and work to refine the awesome things whilst polishing up on the not-so-awesome things.

You have seen over the past week we have started to release full event information on all our titles and we will continue to provide updates over the following weeks. As well as this have provided the following Season Rundown and will be touching on the new and exciting changes made to each league.

Get your peripherals ready because this will be an awesome start of an unforgettable year.

Without further ado, welcome to our Season Rundown for LPL Season 1 2021!


LetsPlay.Live are passionate about hosting esports tournaments for players to compete in and broadcasting esports tournaments for our fans to watch and engage with.

We love when creatives within the esports community use our broadcast content to make awesome highlights, montages and showcases. Therefore, we have created a LPL Media and Brand page so you can create content safely and within LPL’s guidelines with access to our Brand Guidelines, including the LPL logos for our leagues and divisions.

Don’t forget to tag us on socials! We’d love to see what you come up with.


We pride ourselves on our Admin Team and know that our events & leagues would not be to the standard they are without them. After 2020, we undertook a review of the LPL Admin Team and created a new structure with the intention to help LPL deliver the leagues to the best of standards. Going forward into 2021, we will have the following team:

Senior Platform Admins
Senior Platform Admins are admins who will be helping the LPL HQ team operate the website with a holistic oversight of the LPL platform. These are your go-to admins if you need any help. 

  • Sam “Tham” Mitchell
  • Ben “Pezza” Perry

Head Game Admins
Head Game Admins help operate events & leagues for their specific game title. Equipped with their respective game knowledge, they help ensure competitive integrity is enforced and maintained throughout seasons of play, acting as subject matter experts. 

  • CS:GO - Sam “Tham” Mitchell
  • Valorant - Sam “Tham” Mitchell
  • PUBG - Edward “Easykill” Overell
  • Rainbow Six: Siege - TBC
  • Dota 2 - TBC

Senior Game Admin
Senior Game Admins assist Head Game Admins to administrate the Challenger Division or second-tier broadcasts (if any) for respective game titles. 

Volunteer Admins
Volunteer Admins are passionate esports enthusiasts that volunteer at LPL to help operate leagues & events, as well as assisting in managing the community. We are always looking for Volunteer Admins, so if you are wanting to dip your feet into esports and gain experience you can apply here!

If you believe you have what it takes to become one of our Head Game Admins in Rainbow Six: Siege or Dota 2, please email [email protected] with your CV attached and the reason why you would like to be a part of the LPL team!


We always listen to our community’s feedback - feedback that we continuously hear throughout the year is that players & teams sometimes struggle navigating certain pages on our website. In the coming months, we plan to address this and work to ensure users have a smooth experience on the LPL website. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on over the past few months with you, so watch this space!

If you have any issues, feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know via the Contact Us or Ticket Support page.


In Season 3 2020, we launched the LPL Community Cast programme. The programme was designed to support upcoming ANZ esports talent and turn it into an educational experience. We feel there is a lot of potential here - we will be reviewing the programme throughout the season and the community can expect us to make quality-of-life changes.

If you would like to give casting a go, you can apply to become an LPL Community Caster here!


CS:GO remains one of our pillars on the platform as we look to continue its success into the new year. The feedback received from Season 3 2020 has been overwhelmingly positive so we look to repeat, whilst polishing up league operations, as well as the LPL Pro broadcast.

In Season 1 2021 CS:GO will have an $18,000 AUD total prize pool, with Challenger and Pro Division continuing to be broadcast at a top-quality level. We understand & respect many of our top CS:GO players & teams participate in other leagues outside of LPL so we will be shifting Challenger Division broadcasts to Mondays and Thursdays (6:30PM AET), with Pro Divisions moving to Tuesdays and Wednesdays (7PM AET) to accommodate schedules.

Our CS:GO Open, Amateur and Evolution Divisions will remain unchanged, however if you want to give casting a go by casting these Divisions through the LPL Community Caster Programme you can!

Click here for CS:GO Season 1 2021 Event Page and Registration Info.


PUBG Season 3 2020 was a good learning experience for LPL, especially with the introduction of the Pro Division and event servers. In Season 1 2021 we look to polishing and amending a few things for better league operations and player experience. 

One of our adjustments is format - each split in Season 1 2021 will see five weeks of play, with 5 games played each night (25 games total). Relegations, between splits, will be done via auto-relegations so teams will have to defend their spot in the competition from day one! Relegations between seasons will remain unchanged.

We will also be migrating Open, Amateur and Challenger Division playdates to Tuesday, moved from Sunday (6:30PM AET). Pro Division will remain on Monday (6:30PM AET).

Our PUBG Open and Amateur Divisions will remain unchanged, however if you want to give casting a go by casting these Divisions through the LPL Community Caster Programme you can!

Click here for PUBG Season 1 2021 Split 1 Event Page and Registration Info.


Last year, it was announced we would be in official partnership with UbisoftANZ to run the Oceanic Challenger League.

We will be releasing more information with how it will impact our current Divisions, specifically Pro Division, in the coming weeks. We know players & teams want to start preparing their window breaches but we ask for patience as we want to ensure we do right by all involved.


In Season 3 2020, Dota 2 saw us expand into the SEA region and this was well received both for our players & viewers. We’re excited to continue in Season 1 2021 to provide Dota 2 events for this region with a $5,800 AUD total prize pool!

As with last season, Dota 2 fans can catch LPL Pro Dota 2 broadcasts held every Monday and Tuesday (6:30PM AET).

Dota 2 Open and Amateur Divisions will remain unchanged, however if you want to give casting a go by casting these Divisions through the LPL Community Caster Programme you can!

Click here for Dota 2 Season 1 2021 Event Page and Registration Info.


The launch of Valorant in Season 3 2020 was met with overwhelming support and love from the OCE community and we don’t plan to stop moving into the new year.

With the recent announcement of the Valorant Summer Cup and a $6,000 AUD total prize pool, players may have noticed the absence of the Challenger Division. The Challenger Division will be removed and replaced by the LPL Valorant Summer Cup Legends and Challenger Division players from Season 3 2020 can expect to maintain their spots (pending Core 3) in the LPL Valorant Summer Cup Legends.

Here is an overview of level of play below:

  • LPL Valorant Summer Cup Legends (replacing the Challenger Division) - Highest level of play. 
  • LPL Valorant Summer Cup Evolution Division
  • LPL Valorant Summer Cup Amateur Division
  • LPL Valorant Summer Cup Open Division

The LPL Valorant Summer Cup Legends format will also be amended to a Bo3, single round robin league. This means that there will be two Valorant broadcasts within a week, held on Monday and Tuesday (6:30PM AET).

Our Valorant Open, Amateur, and Evolution Divisions will remain unchanged, however if you want to give casting a go by casting these Divisions through the LPL Community Caster Programme you can!

Click here for Valorant Season 1 2021 Event Page and Registration Info.


We are super excited for you to join & compete in esports in 2021 with LPL - though we’ve given you a rundown of our major leagues, we’ll be looking to run many one-off events throughout the season. We welcome suggestions for titles you’d like to see on the platform!

If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out via the Contact Us page or email [email protected]