Statement regarding ESIC ruling: January 2021.


Official Statement

25th Jan 2021

LetsPlay.Live (LPL) are committed to maintaining integrity in our competitive leagues. LPL have sought legal advice and feedback from the New Zealand Esports Federation (NSO) regarding the ESIC ruling against a number of ANZ CS:GO players.

Having considered all of the advice, and feedback given to us, LPL will be honouring the ESIC ruling given to all players indefinitely. This is in conjunction with the NZESF who will be conducting further investigations.

In light of this event, LPL strongly encourages all esports players to ensure they are fully informed of the rules and consequences regarding wagering in esports.

Any New Zealand players who are affected by the ESIC ruling are asked to reach out to the New Zealand Esports Federation at [email protected] Any Australian players affected are asked to reach out to the Australian Esports Association at [email protected]