Announcing LPL NFTs


Launching with LPL Pro CS:GO Season 3 2021

21st Sep 2021

LetsPlay.Live (LPL) are excited to announce we are launching NFTs as part of our third season of this year’s LPL Pro CSGO league, beginning with Week 1 Episode 1.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are a great way to show your favourite players and leagues some love and maybe even make a profit too.

Put simply, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital items that have ownership assigned to one or a group of people using blockchain.

With LPL’s NFTs, you can buy and sell epic moments from our esports league just like trading cards, and these could eventually become valuable over time if demand is strong.

How will LPL roll out NFTs?

Following each LPL Pro CS:GO Season 3 2021 broadcast, LPL will select an epic moment from that week’s shows. We will ‘mint’ those moments into three different tiers – legendary, rare and common - and these will be listed on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Anyone with a blockchain wallet can purchase these NFTs at any tier.

LPL NFTs and Players/Teams

LPL recognises that without our players and teams participating in our leagues, we wouldn’t have broadcasts - or moments to turn into NFTs. With that in mind LPL wants to hook up the players and teams involved in those special plays.

In addition to listing our NFTs on the marketplace for anyone to purchase, the featured player involved in the minted moment - and the teams - will be gifted an NFT from LPL.

LPL NFT Future

In time, LPL’s NFT’s may generate opportunities for contribution back to our tournaments and leagues, which we will be reviewing in the future!

If you’re interested, jump on the marketplace later this week and grab your LPL NFT. Make sure you keep a lookout on our socials for the latest drops or simply let us know what epic moments you’d like to see minted.

For questions around our NFT programme, please email [email protected]