Announcing 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour


VOT is back for 2022

15th Dec 2021

Announcing 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour: Epic tournament returns with larger prize pool and more international pathways for regional players

Oceanic esports tournament organiser and broadcasting media company LetsPlay.Live (LPL) has once again been named by Riot Games as the exclusive broadcast partner to deliver the 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour for the region.

LetsPlay.Live returns as the exclusive broadcast partner for the VALORANT Oceania Tour after a successful year of broadcasting and tournaments in 2021. This year the competition boasts a larger prize pool of $80,000 AUD (up $30,000 AUD from 2021 VALORANT Oceania Tour). It also introduces more international pathways for Oceanic players to head overseas and compete in the APAC Playoffs, offering competitors the opportunity to qualify for the VALORANT Masters. LetsPlay.Live will lead registration, operations and production of each stage of competitive play, as well as the 2022 VALORANT Oceania Championship.

Much like 2021, VALORANT players in the Oceanic region will be able to compete for multiple opportunities to play on the international stage. The tournament, beginning January through to September, will run in two stages - Stage 1 and Stage 2. Each stage will end with a Regional Playoffs, where teams will accumulate points based on their placements to earn their spot in the 2022 VALORANT Oceania Championship.

Each stage offers a $25,000 AUD prize pool for the top 8 teams, with the winning team after each Regional Playoffs scoring a place overseas in the APAC Playoffs, with the chance to qualify for VALORANT Masters. The 2022 VALORANT Oceania Championship includes a $30,000 AUD prize pool to finish off the year for Oceania, with the top teams qualifying for the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers.

LPL’s founder and Managing Director, Duane Mutu, is thrilled to be tackling the tournament for a second year running. “Partnering with Riot Games to bring back this epic opportunity for Oceanic esports competitors - bigger and better than ever - is a fantastic way to kick off 2022. LPL are excited to once again be offering international avenues for our region’s players and to be showcasing talent through broadcast for fans of VALORANT worldwide.”

"LPL has proved to be a trusted partner and have been pivotal in helping us bring VALORANT esports to fans in Oceania." said Bear Jemison, Head of NA/OCE VALORANT Esports. "We're excited to extend our relationship in 2022 and for a new year of competition. Best of luck to the teams!"

The 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour begins with Stage 1 Open Qualifier in January 2022. Registrations are now open to teams composed of residents of Oceania aged 16 years and over. Players can find more information on registration, eligibility, and the tournament at