NZGC: 2EZ vs DNA post game review


NZGC: 2EZ vs DNA post game review

26th Sep 2016

After a great performance by Tigereye in the first series of the NZGC Minor Semi, it’s time to hit the Rift once again. Last night was the second series of the Minor Semi Finals, featuring 2EZ vs DNA. This is an elimination round, the loser will go home. Let’s jump right into the action with game one.

2EZ vs DNA – Game One

DNA drafted a very poke heavy composition, grabbing Graves in the jungle and Caitlyn ADC supported by Karma in the bottom lane. Meanwhile, 2EZ went with more of a tanky team. Jakattack was on Gnar in the top lane, with Rin Touyama and and x5 Cupcake playing Rek’Sai and Tahm Kench, respectively.

Jakattack scored first blood in the top lane, but 0two1 and Ark were there on the roam to pickup the 1-1 trade.

Miscommunication by DNA at 8:30 left Sheldor out to dry. DNA initally wanted to respond to 2EZ’s collapse in the bottom lane, calling for both teleports. Ark teleported midlane however, leaving Sheldor in a 1vs4 situation.

Our first big skirmish broke out 10 minutes around the dragon pit, with Ark zoning out DNA with the threat of Oriana ultimate. While DNA grabbed drake, Rin Touyama flashed in for the two man knockup to give 2EZ two more kills.

2EZ thought they had another kill mid lane, but Ark was able to kite it out until 0Two1 came in to kill Arkael. Jakattack was able to solo Sheldor in the top lane, making it 6-3 in favor of 2EZ. Eight minutes later, Jakattack again outdueled Sheldor in the 1vs1 duel top lane.

DNA made a desperate play at 20 minutes to go for Baron, but Arkael came in at the perfect moment to grab a triple kill. Cupcake was able to take down 0two1 on the backend of the play as well. 2EZ was now up 11-4 with a 9k gold lead just 22 minutes into the game.

After grabbing two more kills, 2EZ took Baron at 25 minutes. Three minutes later, 2EZ cleaned DNA’s base and muscled their way through the Nexus for a dominating game one win.

2EZ vs DNA – Game Two

Game three pick and bans we saw Ark taking Cassi away from 2EZ, 0two1 electing to take Lee Sin in the jungle for more gank potential, and Trundle for the survival against Jakattack’s Gnar. Rin Touyama surprising went with the high carry potential of Kindred in the jungle. Arkael also picked the high burst potential of Syndra against Ark’s Cassi.

This game started out terribly for DNA, with Blinky grabbing two kills before 2:30 in this game for 2EZ. With bottom lane’s huge early game lead, Rin Touyama just had to walk into lane to get another kill in bottom lane.

DNA grabbed their first kill in the game with a great 1vs1 play by Ark in the mid lane, DNA then traded 2-1 in the top lane to close the gap to 3-5. DNA was still down 3k gold, but it was a great play to make when you’re behind.

A great gank mid with a Syndra stun by Arkael gave 2EZ a kill and a dragon. Another gank a few minutes later in midlane gave Arkael another kill. 2EZ then picked up three more kills with a great skirmish in the top lane at 18 minutes.

After picking up three more kills, 2EZ was up 10k gold with a 14-5 kill advantage. DNA would need an epic comeback to save their season. Unfortunately, 2EZ just looked 2Good. An ace at 23 minutes left DNA without a mid lane inhibitor and the bottom lane inhibitor open.

DNA made the desperate Baron play call, but it just resulted in another ace and a sweep for 2EZ. A 25 minute win left DNA wondering what just happened.

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