Inaugural MEGEX coming to Melbourne in 2017


Inaugural MEGEX coming to Melbourne in 2017

6th Nov 2016

Have you ever wanted to say you were there from the very beginning of something special? Now is your chance, with the inaugural Melbourne eGames Expo coming in January of 2017!

Key Details

Venue: Hisense Arena –

Completed in 2000, the $65 million multi-purpose arena can host a variety of events, including including basketball, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, ice hockey, dance sports, and cycling in its own velodrome.

Location: Located in downtown Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria.

Seating Capacity: Has a maximum capacity of 10,500.

Tickets: Tickets are now available. Check out Ticketek for more information.

Day 1 (January 25th, 2017):
Competitions on stage: Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter Strike
Venue Opens: 10am
Session 1a – Overwatch: 11:00am
Session 1a – Overwatch: 12pm
Session 1a – Overwatch: 1pm
Session 1b – League Of Legends: 2pm
Session 1b – League Of Legends: 3pm
Session 1b – League Of Legends: 4pm
Session 2 – CSGO: 5pm
Session 2 – CSGO: 6pm
Session 2 – CSGO: 7pm
Close: 10pm
Day 2 (January 26th, 2017):
Competitions on stage: Halo Finals, FIFA Finals, Fighters Finals
Venue Opens: 10am
Session 1a – Halo Finals: 11:00am
Session 1a – Halo Finals: 12pm
Session 1a – Halo Finals: 1pm
Session 1b – Fifa Finals: 2pm
Session 1b – Fifa Finals: 3pm
Session 1b – Fifa Finals: 4pm
Session 2 – Fighters Finals: 5pm
Session 2 – Fighters Finals: 6pm
Session 2 – Fighters Finals: 7pm
Close: 10pm


This two day event will feature a mixture of some of the hottest competitive eSport games currently available. Pro players will be invited to battle it out on one of the most immaculate stages in the world, with multiple battles occurring simultaneously for maximum viewer pleasure.

“We are thrilled to bring MEGEX to the city of Melbourne, home to almost half of Australia’s digital games industry and dubbed the capital of digital games,” said Chester King, Chief Executive Officer of the eGames Group at PAX Australia.

“In Australia, eSports has 1.5m fanatical followers and has grown by at least 20% over the past two years. It is safe to say that the gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate and is really starting to be recognised as another form of sport and entertainment. We want to help foster this growth in Australia and provide a remarkable, unique and fun experience for gaming fans.”

Attendees will gain special access to freeplay areas that will feature a variety of tournaments, consoles, and expo space for displaying some of the hottest games, tech, and merchandise. Pro player signing sessions, Pro-Ams, and photo opportunities will also be available through the day.

More scheduling information will be released in December. The entire event will be streamed live on

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