ESL and ZEN eSports launch new CS:GO league


ESL and ZEN eSports launch new CS:GO league

6th Nov 2016

Introducing the new ZEN eSports League
The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has just released some exciting news at PAX Australia this past weekend! Following the ESL Australia and NZ Championship Season 2 Finals, ESL Australia and ZEN eSports Network will partner together to launch a new Asia-Pacific tournament in 2017.

ESL and ZEN revealed that the league will feature eight total teams, with four hailing from the Oceanic region and four coming from the Asian region. There will be two seasons per year, which will involve a two to three week online season and Local Area Network (LAN) finals.

The tournament will be played on the globally popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

Two spots from the Oceanic Region have already been claimed. Athletico and Chiefs defeated Immunity and Parallax, respectively, in the semi-finals of the ESL ANZ Season 2 Finals (that just took place at PAX Australia).

Athletico qualifies for the new ZEN league
Thanks to their strong performance at ESL ANZ Finals, Athletico was the first team to qualify. Athletico was first established in 2005 and is based in Australia.

The team developed as a local Counter-Strike powerhouse bolstering a myriad of different player rosters spanning over 10 years. The name endured over 3 different Counter-Strike versions and has achieved in winning a haul of titles, awards and both team and individual success.

Chiefs also qualify for the ZEN league
The Chiefs, officially forming in August of 2014, were former members of Team Immunity. Following their 2-0 victory over parallax, Chiefs add another strong team from Australia.

Future details of the new ZEN eSports League
Online qualifiers begin next month, starting on December 4th 2016. The offline qualifier, also known as the Melbourne: Crown Invitational, will begin January 4th 2017.

The first season of the new ZEN league will begin February 4th and continue through April 13th 2017. The prize pool will include over $100,000 in 2017 alone.

Athletico and Chiefs will play in the ESL ANZ Season 2 Finals later today at PAX Australia.

As always, stay tuned to for the latest details as they come forward.

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