PAX Australia 2016 happening this weekend


PAX Australia 2016 happening this weekend

1st Nov 2016

Starting this weekend, PAX Australia 2016 will kick off in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event will be held from November 4th through the 6th, with plenty of third party exhibitions and featured shows for your entertainment purposes!

Big time companies on deck

All three of your major console providers, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo, will headline this year’s PAX Australia event. Big time publishers, like Ubisoft (Tom Clancy, Assassins Creed), Bandai Namco (Pac-Man, Tekken), and Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering creators) will also be attending.

Small time game developers now have a venue

In addition to the big players in the industry, over 100 indie game developers have also been invited to PAX Australia. This list will include those chosen from the Australian Indie Showcase. The Showcase is a chosen group of Indie Developers from Australia and New Zealand. The developers have been selected by industry vets.

Wombat Theatre

Wombat Theatre will remain the strongest panel at PAX Australia 2016. 28 Plays Later, Loading Ready Run, and RIOT Games will all host open discussions there.

First ever GameSpot Theatre to be showcased

For the first time ever at a PAX event, GameSpot will be hosting their very own GameSpot Theatre, featuring everyone from GameSpot and CNET staff, industry friends, and developers from AAA games. Expect a number of panels, ranging from traditional discussions to outrageous new technology.

Don’t forget about Drop Bear, Galah, and Kookaburra Theatres

Perhaps flying under the radar will be the Drop Bear, Galah and Kookaburra Theatres hosted upstairs. These three theatres have proven to be very revealing and intimate, with smaller crowds and more personal interaction.

Drop Bear Theatre has already released a few topic points they will cover in their upcoming event. This will include a panel on games as a 21st Century educational tool, a walk through on the creation of music in DOOM, a discussion on the Australian eSports scene, and a roundtable of VR developers getting real about the platform’s chances and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Omegathon Tournament

Pre-registered members will have the chance to compete at this years PAX Australia in the Omegathon tournament – a competition that expands across a wide variety of consoles from different generations.

Musical performances from 7bit Hero, Axis of Awesome, and Duet Live (performed by Tim Shiel & Luke Howard) as well as special guests (including Twitch streamers and Youtubers) will be present.

So Much more!

Major Nelson, aka Xbox Live Director Larry Hryb, will be one of the major panelists this year. There will also be a live, in-audience Questions and Answer session with PAX founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins on Friday and Sunday evening.

Attendees are encouraged to download the 2016 PAX Aus Guidebook App. You can find more information on the PAX Aus website.

Are you attending this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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