LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Astonish


LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Astonish

22nd Nov 2016

The LPL Call of Duty Premiership will be back on the air Wednesday at 7:30pm, live on Sky Sport. One of the teams competing in this tournament is Astonish.

LPL was able to catch up with Astonish, including Dommaneek “DommyNz” Kourn, Mason “Teraahbl” Tongiahoe, and Sean “Sportssta101” Blanchette, before their big matchup next week against 7-Seas.

LPL: How long have you guys been playing competitive online games and when did you first get started?

DommyNz: I first started playing Call of Duty since MW1 when my uncle introduced it to me. All I did was play Search and Destroy until I got into competitive in Black Ops 2 and that’s when I placed first on the CGo ladder boards.

Teraahbl: CoD Ghosts.

Sportssta101: First cod was mw2. Comp started ghosts/AW.

LPL: What’s the most memorable series/match you’ve participated in?

DommyNz: Going against tDealine and his team only when we just started teaming with the Astonish team. We were doubting ourselves saying we were going to lose and we ended up winning.

Sportssta101: Second round winners bracket to qualify for this LPL. We beat the 2nd best team and now they aren’t even in the league.

LPL: What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome to reach your current level?

DommyNz: Ignoring the bad names and trash talkers, saying I was bad and I won’t make it far.

Teraahbl: Winning games haha

Sportssta101: Doubters. Haters. People who didn’t believe I had what it takes.

LPL: Do you have any tips for the regular gamer at home?

If you want to be big and start competitive, don’t rush things, it takes time to get good.

Teraahbl: Have a good time.

Sportssta101: If you want to improve instantly I suggest getting either a headset or monitor or both if you can.

LPL: What are the major difference between LAN and online tournaments?

DommyNz: Registration on the bullets between each person. You can feel the difference.


LAN proves who the absolute best team is. Online people can get melted and some with bad net get lag compensation, which makes gunfights unfair at times.

LPL: What’s your favorite map to play on?

DommyNz: Frost, hands down the best.

Teraahbl: Fringe.

Sportssta101: Frost.

LPL: Do you have a specific gun/buy setup that you prefer?

DommyNz: KBAR-32 is my top gun at the moment.

Sportssta101: KBAR, NV4, OVA, ERAD.

LPL: How do you prepare for big tournaments (watch VODs, check stats, rest up, etc.)?

DommyNz: Since it’s a new game, gotta grind it out, learn callouts, map knowledge, better teamwork, and how to prepare for the big tournament.

Teraahbl: Sleep

Sportssta101: Just scrim go over some callouts and rotations and learn the spawns.

LPL: How do you contribute to developing strategies for your team on a per game basis?

DommyNz: Giving my opionion on what’s wrong and what we’re doing bad on.

Teraahbl: Help out with anything that’s slacking.


Depends on the game mode and the opponent, but it’s good to mix things up, like weapons, to keep them guessing and on their toes. Being predictable will result in losses.

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