LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Crucial


LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Crucial

12th Nov 2016

The LPL Call of Duty Premiership will be in full swing starting next Wednesday at 7:30pm, live on Sky Sport. One of the teams competing in the first matchup will be Crucial, hailing directly from Auckland, New Zealand.

LPL was able to catch up with Crucial before their big matchup next week and did an interview with their players.

LPL: How long have you guys been playing competitive online games and when did you all first get started?

ChaoticFlow: I’ve never really taken it this serious since playing Black Ops 2 when 4s hit the competitive scene.

Deviousflow: Not long enough. We had a pretty good 4s team back on Black Ops 2 with dmf-demonstrate my flow.

LPL: What’s the most memorable series/match you’ve participated in?

ChaoticFlow: Would have to be against Formal, on Advance Warfare in a public lobby, He dropped a 60 bomb on my team and I dropped a 80 against his haha.

LPL: What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome to reach your current level?

Deviousflow: Time management. It is not easy being a dad, working, playing enough to even try to get good (not saying I am, actually the worst player haha). I like to keep it humble. Specially to try and fit it in with our fellow team members and their priorities.

LPL: Do you have any tips for the regular gamer at home?

ChaoticFlow: Find a comfortable sensititvy, work on aim, play for the win.

Hidden: Get a monitor, don’t play on a 50inch ????

LPL: What are the major differences between LAN and online tournaments?


LAN is a whole new level. It brings a lot of environmental play into the game, like the crowd and people watching. The pressure it can have on your regular game is crazy.

LPL: What’s your favorite map to play on?

ChaoticFlow: Rust 1v1s Intervention – MW2

Deviousflow: Most probably Rust aye if I was to be honest….. On Infinite then most probably Fontier, only because it is the most ridiculous map in the game. Killed and spawned on as if there was no tomorrow.

LPL: Do you have any specific gun/buy setups that you prefer?

ChaoticFlow: I play the AR role in the team

Hidden: Give me the Evo, deck it out with quickdraw stock and grip, and you’ll see ya boy probably going double neg

LPL: How do you guys prepare for big tournaments (watch VODs, check stats, rest up, etc.)?

Deviousflow: Man I am all about that Hype train, bring the Hype big time get amped everything!!! Music as well, easiest way to get in that mode, maybe the odd thumb exercise LMAO

LPL: Who contributes to developing strategies for your team on a per game basis?

Hidden: Me and TGreig are the brains to our team. Chaotic and Devious are the meat heads of the operation. We make plays according to how our strategies working in game.

Deviousflow: A team that doesn’t make mistakes is generally a team that cannot improve. We are all so new to this game, I bring the gun skill, people Like Hidden Horizon bring the tissues so when he gets pumped he has something to cry on. On the contrary, in all honesty, we all try contribute in every way possible.

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