LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Slicer


LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Slicer

28th Nov 2016

As we head towards the start of the third week of the LPL Call of Duty Premiership, streamed live on Sky Sport and, we’ve had to time to catch up with a couple members of Slicer.

Reef “Eminence” Galloway and Guy “Guydra” Worthington represent one of the top performing teams here in this tournament, and they were kind of enough to answer a few interview questions for us..

LPL: How long have you guys been playing competitive online games and when did you first get started?

Eminence: I’ve been playing competitive online games since I bought myself an Xbox when I was 8 years old. I played casually until 2013 where I found competitive Call Of Duty eSports. I just knew it was something I had to compete in and see how far I could go.

Guydra: Since 2010 but didn’t really make anything of it until 2012.

LPL: What’s the most memorable series/match you’ve participated in?

Eminence: The most memorable series is a toss up between winning my first NZ LAN event vs NZ’s undefeated team on LAN or verses OpTic Gaming, the world’s most popular Call Of Duty team at The Crown Invitational earlier this year.

Guydra: Playing my first Aussie team that flew over to NZ and beating them in the grand finals despite us being expected to lose, 2012.

LPL: What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome to reach your current level?

Eminence: Being a confident player was the hardest challenge for me. Knowing everyone is watching your every move, waiting to see you make a mistake. That is a lot of pressure. But once you overcome that pressure it’s only onwards and upwards from there.

Guydra: Keeping my school grades acceptable enough to do what I want to do.

LPL: Do you have any tips for the regular gamer at home?

Eminence: Work hard and grind to get where you want to go. For most, to become the best it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication and time.

Guydra: Find a bunch of blokes with the same goals as you, whether it’s to have fun or aim for the top.

LPL: What are the major difference between LAN and online tournaments?

Eminence: LAN brings a much different environment to eSports. It takes players out of their comfort zone because they’re no longer competing in the comfort of their home with the smell of home baked cookies. There are lights, cameras and large audiences at LAN. This adds pressure on the players to perform in such an environment. Not to mention the fact that at LAN there is a fair playing field compared to online due to latency and connection issues ect.

Guydra: Pressure is greater and the game tends to play a lot differently.

LPL: What’s your favorite map to play on?

Eminence: Currently I am a big fan of the map Scorch. It is a balanced 3 lane map with the most logical spawns.

Guydra: Hardpoint – Mayday/Scorch

LPL: Do you have a specific gun/buy setup that you prefer?

Eminence: I play SMG role so I will tend to play with an ERAD or Karma with fast movement perks.

Guydra: Subby – HVR and FHR

LPL: How do you prepare for big tournaments (watch VODs, check stats, rest up, etc.)?

Eminence: Practice every night for a minimum of 6 hours as a team. Watch VODs from other international teams to find new strategies to implement into our own gameplay.

Guydra: Rest up and make sure I’m feeling good good going into it and eating well, also watching vods and tuning up on last minute strategies.

LPL: How do you contribute to developing strategies for your team on a per game basis?

Eminence: Our team all likes to provide input equally. It’s all pretty much trial and error, if we see a mistake that happens in game we will tend to question ourselves into why we made the mistake and how we can fix it. This is usually a team decision and we will rotate through many options until the situation is fixed and we have a strategy that works.

Guydra: In comp matches there’s no point in dwelling on previous maps but when we scrim, we all tend to pinpoint the most noticeable issue after each map and work to improve it.

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