LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Incept


LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of Incept

27th Nov 2016

The LPL Call of Duty Premiership is in full swing with games being streamed live on Sky Sport and One of the dark horse contenders here is Incept, fresh off their second week of action.

LPL was able to catch up with Incept, including Rory “Cruze” Hunn, Ashu “Sezleyy” Poudel, Jacob “JayTex” Reeves-Parmenter, and West “Zovacx” Clinton as they prepare for the third week of the LPL CoD Premiership..

LPL: How long have you guys been playing competitive online games and when did you first get started?

Cruze: I’ve been playing competitive COD since halfway through Ghosts, so in 2014. That was my first competitive game.

Sezleyy: Been playing competitive game modes since 2014, which was in Advanced Warfare. I first got interested in online tournaments at the end of Ghost heading into Advanced Warfare.

zovax: Bo2

JayTex: I have been playing competitive games for 2 years. I first started playing competitively in Advanced Warfare.

LPL: What’s the most memorable series/match you’ve participated in?

Cruze: Probably losing the LBF at LAN 3-0 to iG (Killerpie, Guydra, Zeuss and Bacabec) at AVT January 2015, just because it was a fun series, all maps were relatively close, and I played pretty well.

Sezleyy: AvT LAN 2014

zovax: AvT 2016 GF

JayTex: 4-3 win against Team Blank in the CWL relegation qualifiers for first seed.

LPL: What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome to reach your current level?

Cruze: Proving all the people who doubt you and hate you that you have actually got the ability, and changing my attitude was pretty hard for me too but definitely worth it.

Sezleyy: just giving your best shot, always looking for the greater challenge and respecting the players around you.

JayTex: Bridging the gap in the level of play from playing against amateur players to playing professional players after making the CWL.

LPL: Do you have any tips for the regular gamer at home?

Cruze: Practice practice practice. Get a team together with your skill level and grind it out with them, then prove yourself and continue to move up skill levels as a player or even as a team.

Sezleyy: If you wanna step up your game and looking at playing COD competitively, just try and get a team and start the grind with them all the way through, and never feel scared vsing better players!!

JayTex: Practice, Practice, Practice. Learn from others who play your role and recognise what makes them successful, then implement it into your playstyle.

LPL: What are the major difference between LAN and online tournaments?

Cruze: The hype factor, and the pressure.

Sezleyy: At LAN everyone has the same rego and good lan connection – everything is fair for all the players. Online tournaments can get out of hands sometimes, like getting the host player killing you faster than others, getting lag spikes & more.

zovax: Good registration and a cooler environment.

JayTex: The atmosphere and intensity.

LPL: What’s your favorite map to play on?

Cruze: Breach SND, on BO3. We lost that map like 3-4 times as a team the whole year and probably played it 100+ times.

Sezleyy: Throwback.

zovax: Rust.

JayTex: Throwback. Due to the various lines of sights and lanes, you are able to push or hold depending how you need to adapt to your opposition.

LPL: Do you have a specific gun/buy setup that you prefer?

Cruze: Assault Rifle ????

Sezleyy: I use a smg player because i am a support/obj player on the team.

JayTex: ARs are my go to weapons with the NV4 and Volk being the main guns as they are very versatile.

LPL: How do you prepare for big tournaments (watch VODs, check stats, rest up, etc.)?

Cruze: Strategize with my team, put in more practice as a team and just grind.

Sezleyy: Watch Streams and learn from the pro players, grind everyday with your team and fix the mistakes you could make again, always vs better players so you are learning from the defeat rather then vs people you can beat because you won’t learn much if you are always winning!!

JayTex: Watching VODs as well as making sure everyone understands what needs to happen on every map.

LPL: How do you contribute to developing strategies for your team on a per game basis?

Cruze: I’m probably one of the main shot callers, being the AR anchor I have to call our rotations and make sure people are watching the correct cuts. And often call which bomb to push in SND etc.

Sezleyy: Look at other teams setup and work together to defeat them.

zovax: Big calls.

JayTex: I just make sure everyone knows and understands how we want to play the map.

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