LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of 7-Seas


LPL CoD Premiership: Meet the members of 7-Seas

22nd Nov 2016

The LPL Call of Duty Premiership is in full swing with games being streamed live on Sky Sport and One of the teams competing in the tournament is 7-Seas, fresh off their first week of action.

LPL was able to catch up with 7-Seas, including Luke “Loukas_” Weight, Trae “Emerge_Aqua” Brown, and Daniel “Hoode_” James, before their big matchups next week..

LPL: How long have you guys been playing competitive online games and when did you all first get started?

Loukas: I have been playing competitively for around eight months. I started midway through Back Ops 3.

Hoode: Since mid Advance Warfare, when they announced the Mastery outfits for playing Ranked.

LPL: What’s the most memorable series/match you’ve participated in?


Probably qualifying for the LPL, as I said I haven’t been playing long so the LPL was a pretty big opportunity.

Hoode: My first ever Wager match. 5-5 every map, first map teammate clutched 1v2. Second map opposition clutched a 1v2 against us. Last map I clutched a 1v2 when they had bomb down.

LPL: What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome to reach your current level?

Loukas: Trying to find people to play with. As a “new” player not many people know you. So it’s to get a good team together.

Hoode: Being unknown. I just kept being egoed by Superior players (i.e. never given the chance to shine haha). But with this team, we grinded together mid way through Bo3. We started beating good teams, and started getting noticed. But you could say we are rather unknown still :p

LPL: Do you have any tips for the regular gamer at home?

Loukas: If you want to be good you got to grind the game.

Hoode: Get your equipment. I.e Headset, Monitor, Scuf/Play claw, get alright net – Where you wont 1 bar every game.

LPL: What are the major difference between LAN and online tournaments?

Loukas: At LAN there is no connection based advantage compared to online, so LAN really shows the skill of a player.

Emerge_Aqua: I don’t lag like how i do online with this 10 down, RIP.

LPL: What’s your favorite map to play on?

Loukas: In Infinite Warfare my favorite map so far would be Scorch.

Hoode: Redwood ( Im a jet packer).

LPL: Do you have a specific gun/buy setup that you prefer?

Loukas: Not as of yet, since AR’s in this game are dominant and I am a subby player, but if i had to choose I would choose the erad.

Hoode: In Respawn, I’m an Assault Rifle player. Snd I mainly use a sniper.

LPL: How do you prepare for big tournaments (watch VODs, check stats, rest up, etc.)?


The way me and my team prepare is we scrim and try to work on structure in game. If we have structure we can take series off other teams most of the time.

Hoode: Early night, Heaps of scriming.

LPL: How do you contribute to developing strategies for your team on a per game basis?

Loukas: Trying things in scrims. If we try something new and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If it works, it works. The only way to find out if something works is if you try it in scrims are a perfect opportunity for that.

Emerge_Aqua: Just picking out things we did wrong and try figuring out how we can adjust and fix it.

Hoode: SND wizard/ shot caller.

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