OPL team TM Gaming sign HSL star player Shok


OPL team TM Gaming sign HSL star player Shok

10th Jun 2017

Massey High School who are competing in the High School Grand Final this weekend are down one player but for the best of reasons. Ari ‘Shok’ Greene-Young has been signed by the professional League of Legends team, TM Gaming.

TM Gaming competes in the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League [OPL] out of Sydney and are excited about picking up the hottest young player in the region.

Shok is not the only new addition to TM Gaming’s roster with new Kiwi player Omar ‘Low’ Aboulkheir from New Plymouth joining the squad and E Blacks coach  Jonny ‘Saiclone’ Weatherly taking the leadership helm for split 2. TM Gaming is excited about an equal mix of Australian and New Zealand talent which includes owners from both sides of the Tasman.  TM has sought to field an ANZAC roster this Split that fans can get behind and call their own. The Australian side of the squad is represented by Mark ‘Praedyth’ Lewis, Jordan ‘Only’ Middleton and Bradley ‘Tgun’ Seymour.

The increased interest in esports regionally in the last 12 months, including AFL club the Crows acquiring Legacy, paints a bright future for the players and TM Gaming. TM Gaming will be taking on Avant Garde in their first match of the OPL Split Two ??' catch it on Sunday 11th June from NZT 4pm,  6PM AEST here


Head Coach – Jonny ‘Saiclone’ Weatherly:
From Auckland, New Zealand – With a Bachelor’s in psychology and a PhD in dominating the rift the new Head Coach of TM will be not only developing the team’s mechanics, macro and micro play but also gearing them up mentally for each week. The New Zealander brings a wealth of experience from coaching the E Blacks New Zealand team which competed in Jakarta for the IeSF World Championships, to assistant coaching the Chiefs last Split as well as coaching Team New Zealand in the inaugural League of Origins.

“I can’t wait to get into split two OPL. We’ve got a great group of guys who are hungry to prove themselves, but can banter with the best of them. Our support staff are doing a fantastic job, and we’ve got the resources to succeed. I look forward to upsetting a few teams on our way up.”
– Jonny ‘Saiclone’ Weatherly

Top – Mark ‘Praedyth’ Lewis:
From Rural NSW, Australia – An original member of the Chiefs Black roster, now TM, that has dominated the top lane of the OPL for over a year now. He’s a versatile player that breaks meta with his champion pool and isn’t afraid to charge head first into team fights or to instigate a base race or two.

Jungle – Jordan ‘Only’ Middleton:
From Sydney, Australia – Returning to the roster once again for his second Split of the OPL to continue to keeping opposing summoners on their toes. When he’s loose on the rift you’d bet to think twice about every move you make.

Mid – Ari ‘Shok’ Greene-Young:
From Auckland, New Zealand – The 17 year old is finally of age and making his debut in the OPL after being considered as one of the premier up and coming players to scout with a range of competitive experience throughout the OOL, OCS, HSL and made it to the grand final of the televised NZGC.

ADC – Omar ‘Low’ Aboulkheir:
From New Plymouth, New Zealand – Years of competitive experience in the OOL and OCS pan out for the New Zealander who will also be making his debut in the OPL and looking to make a serious impact.

Support – Bradley ‘Tgun’ Seymour:
From Sydney, Australia – The veteran player returns once again to the rift bringing his years of OPL experience to keep his hungry teammates calm and composed in the big games while he consistently leads by action.

Alongside the team is Amber ‘le bambi’ Lee who coordinates scrims and ensures suitable practise is met, TM Operations Manager – Michael ‘Voltris’ Stewart who looks after the gaming house and leading Australian Sports Psychologist – Michelle Pain who will run seminars for the players and coordinates with the Head Coach to assist with player mentality.

You can keep up to date with TM Gaming via their social channels:


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