Project Cars 2 NZ Championship Launches at Full Speed


Project Cars 2 NZ Championship Launches at Full Speed

3rd May 2018


Following a grueling offline and online qualification process, Tuesday night saw the best 8 racers in the country pitted against one another from the LPL Studios within the Sky Tower.

In the first of 16 races to run over the next 8 weeks, the top 8 started on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca over 20 laps in the burning Californian sun.

In a shock start, featured racer Jordan Pene soared in the qualifying period to start in the second peg behind competition favourite Robert Northway. Pene quickly pushed himself to the top and established a comfortable four second lead running into the 10th lap as he set his sights on a first place finish for race one.

With the race not changing outside of Robert Northway literally sliding into 4th position, Jordan Pene comfortably took out the checkered flag for the first race holding on to a nine second gap between himself and Josh Ritchie who clocked his 2nd place finish after the 30 minute race.

Moving into Willow Springs International Raceway after a fantastic race 1 showing, Jordan Pene nailed a solid 3rd position peg on the starting grid, and quickly entrenched himself once again as the race leader by quickly brushing away his competitors Robert Northway and Ethan Moore.

Pene once again held onto his leading position and this time maintained only a two second gap between himself and the all familiar silver medallist Josh Ritchie. With the race keeping a similar look to what we saw in the first race, Willow Springs was set to deliver more of the same results.

Without fault, Jordan Pene took home his consecutive win and set himself up for success as he barrels towards next weeks competition. The rest of the leader board stayed much the same with Josh Ritchie establishing himself once again in second.

To catch the action to come in Italy next week, make sure to tune in from 7:30pm next Tuesday for more esports racing action on SKY Sport.

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