LPL Season 3 2020: R6 (PC)

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Open, Amateur, Pro

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September 21st 2020

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General info

Welcome to Rainbow Six Siege (PC), with LPL Season 3 2020!

Tournament Information:
Thanks to the support from Ubisoft ANZ we are pleased to announce that LPL Pro R6 PC will be continuing into LPL Season 3 2020.

In LPL Season 2 2020, we made improvements to our Pro broadcasts, such as including Operator bans, interviews and in-game GFX. We look to make further continued improvements in the upcoming season for a better user experience.

This season will also include a Vodafone MVP Award, thanks to our friends at Vodafone New Zealand! The Pro MVP at the end of the season will receive $125 NZD cash.

We will also be introducing the Red Bull Fan Vote, thanks to Red Bull New Zealand. Viewers watching the LPL Pro PUBG broadcasts will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite team and player. Simply type in "!vote" in Twitch chat and cast in your vote! The highest player will receive $500NZD cash and a Red Bull Fridge, as well as a year's supply of Red Bull. That's not all folks: one lucky voter will also have the opportunity to win a year's supply of Red Bull! What are you waiting for? Come watch our broadcasts and start voting! Please note that this is only for Pro.

LPL Pro R6 PC will be broadcast on Twitch from 6:30PM AET on Tuesday and Wednesday.

R6 PC Open Division will revert back to an elo-formatted league whilst we discontinue PC, XBOX and PS4 weeklies until further notice.

Our R6 PC Amateur Divisions will remain largely unchanged, though users can look to community cast these Divisions should they choose to. All players are highly encouraged to re-read through our terms and ruleset (located below) and ensure they will be able to commit to the scheduling requirements for all levels of play.

Season 3 Divisions and Format:
All Divisions will require at least 8 teams to commence.

Open - Free to join. Elo format. Teams update their match times to be assigned up to 3 matches per week. Matches are Best of 1. Winning team will be allowed to participate in Amateur Season 1 2021 for free.
Amateur - $2,000 AUD prize pool. LPL Premium required. Elo format. Teams update their match times to be assigned up to 3 matches per week. Matches are Best of 1.
Pro - $5,000 AUD prize pool. $200 Team Entry Fee. Single Round Robin, played across Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Matches are Best of 2. 2-0 will reward the winning team 3 points. 1-1 will reward both teams 1 point.

To purchase LPL Premium subscription, please go here. Team Entry Fees will be able to be paid via your respective ladder page.

Rules are found here:

The following rules have been updated for Season 3:
-Entry Fee Conditions
-Retaining Div sports
-Roster Locks

First Place
Free Participation in Amateur LPL Season 1 2021

First PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth PlaceTotal

First PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth PlaceTotal

More Information

Begin your climb to Pro today, starting in the Open or Amateur Division!

Open or Amateur Division

Teams will not need LPL Premium to participate in Relegations.

Click here to view more information about relegations.

Key Dates:
Relegations - Monday 31 August - Sunday 13 September

Week 1:
Open and Amateur – Monday 21 September - Sunday 27 September
Pro - Tuesday 29 September and Wednesday 30 September

Week 2:
Open and Amateur – Monday 28 September - Sunday 4 October
Pro - Tuesday 6 October and Wednesday 7 October

Week 3:
Open and Amateur – Monday 5 October - Sunday 11 October
Pro - Tuesday 13 October and Wednesday 14 October

Week 4:
Open and Amateur – Monday 12 October - Sunday 18 October
Pro - Tuesday 20 October and Wednesday 21 October

Week 5:
Open and Amateur – Monday 19 October - Sunday 25 October
Pro - Tuesday 27 October and Wednesday 28 October

Week 6:
Open and Amateur – Monday 26 October - Sunday 1 November
Pro - Tuesday 3 November and Wednesday 4 November

Week 7:
Open and Amateur – Monday 2 November - Sunday 8 November
Pro - Tuesday 10 November and Wednesday 11 November

Semi # 1:
Open and Amateur – Monday 9 November - Sunday 15 November
Pro - Tuesday 17 November

Semi # 2:
Open and Amateur – Monday 16 November - Sunday 22 November
Pro - Wednesday 18 November

Grand Finals:
Open and Amateur – Monday 23 November - Sunday 29 November
Pro - Tuesday 24 November

Want to know more about LPL? Got a question about LPL Esports? Click here for our FAQ!

Connect with us
On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck! For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by either posting in the forums or contacting an admin via Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can join the LPL Community Discord.

Many Thanks,
LPL Admin Team

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