2021 Oceanic Challenger League

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March 23rd 2021

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General info

What is Oceanic Challenger League?

The Oceanic Challenger League is the official pathway into OCN, with LetsPlay.Live named by Ubisoft as the official tournament organiser and broadcaster for 2021.

Eight Rainbow Six: Siege teams over the course of 2021 will battle it out for glory, fame, money and a shot at playing amongst the best teams in OCN 2022. The 2021 calendar of Rainbow Six: Siege enables players to climb the ranks, compete against other high level players and a chance to win some of the $10,000 AUD prize pool up for offer in each stage. Across the three stages there is $30,000 AUD up for grabs.

The 2021 year will see the same 8 teams compete in three stages for a series of prizes and points. The top placed teams with the most points at the end of the final stage will battle it out in the OCL Finals in late November.

OCL will be replacing the LPL Pro Rainbow Six: Siege division.

LetsPlay.Live are the exclusive partners of Ubisoft to run the inaugural 2021 Oceanic Challenger League.


OCL is a year long tournament that consists of three stages.

Each stage is 8 weeks in total, with 7 weeks of Single Round Robin Bo1 with OT league play, and the top 6 teams from league play will enter a Gauntlet Playoffs event on the last week.

The same 8 Teams will participate in OCL throughout 2021. However, if they disband at any point throughout the year, the spot goes to Core 3 majority.

Teams accumulate points throughout the year, pending their placements at the end of each stage.

The teams with the highest points at the end of Stage 3 will enter the OCL 2021 Finals in November.

Relegations to occur during the off-season at the end of the year.

Who are the Teams?

We would like to welcome the following teams in OCL 2021!

Exsto Gaming - Retained their spot from LPL Pro Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 2020.
Balkan Esports - Qualified via Closed Qualifiers.
Fury - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.
Hackusasians - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.
Swingsmen - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.
Donut LFO - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.
Exit Fraggers - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.
Big Dogz - Qualified via Open Qualifiers.

Stage Information

Stage 01

  • Game day 1: 23 March 7pm AEDT
  • Game day 2: 30 March 7pm AEDT
  • Game day 3: 6 April 7pm AET
  • Game day 4: 13 April 7pm AET
  • Game day 5: 20 April 7pm AET
  • Game day 6: 27 April 7pm AET
  • Game day 7: 4 May 7pm AET
  • Playoff day 1: 28 May 7pm AET
  • Playoff day 2: 29 May 7pm AET
  • Playoff day 3: 30 May 7pm AET

Stage 02

  • Game day 1: June 22nd 6pm AET
  • Game day 2: June 29th 6pm AET
  • Game day 3: July 6th 6pm AET
  • Game day 4: July 13th 6pm AET
  • Game day 5: July 20th 6pm AET
  • Game day 6: July 27th 6pm AET
  • Game day 7: August 3rd 6pm AET
  • Playoff day 1: August 20 6pm AET
  • Playoff day 2: August 21 6pm AET
  • Playoff day 3: August 22 6pm AET

Stage 03

These dates can move due to patches made within the game.

  • Game day 1: September 21 6pm AEST / 8pm NZST
  • Game day 2: September 28 6pm AEST/ 9pm NZDT
  • Game day 3: October 5 6pm AEST/ 9pm NZDT
  • Game day 4: October 12 6pm AEDT/ 8pm NZDT
  • Game day 5: October 19 6pm AEDT/ 8pm NZDT
  • Game day 6: October 26 6pm AEDT/ 8pm NZDT
  • Game day 7: November 2 6pm AEDT/ 8PM NZDT
  • Playoff day 1: November 12 6pm AEDT/ 8pm NZDT
  • Playoff day 2: November 13 1pm AEDT/ 3pm NZDT
  • Playoff day 3: November 14 1pm AEDT/ 3pm NZDT


Prize pool - per stage

First Place: $4500 AUD
Second Place: $2500
Third Place: $1500
Fourth Place: $1000
Fifth Place: $500

Points Distribution

Points System Overview
At the conclusion of each stage, all 8 teams will receive points based on their placements.

These placement points are accumulated across the three stages with the top teams at the end of Stage 3 qualifying for the OCL Grand Finals held in November.

First Place: 25 Points
Second Place: 18 Points
Third Place: 15 Points
Fourth Place: 12 Points
Fifth Place: 10 Points
Sixth Place: 8 Points
Seventh Place: 5 Points
Eight Place: 3 Points

Missed out on OCL?
If you missed out on OCL this year, or want to look to qualify for OCL 2022 through Evolution Division, come join our R6 leagues!

Click here for more information and to register for our leagues!

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