Season 3 2019: Project CARS 2

Prize Pool:




Amateur, PRO

Start Date:

August 1st 2019

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General info

Welcome everyone to Season 3 of Project Cars 2 with LPL!

Season 2 has been a fantastic season, we were finally able to optimise the website to support racing titles on the platform and our numbers have grown!

We are thrilled to bring you another season of Project Cars 2. The new upcoming season will have a few new improvements, changes to format and cars! The Pro Division will also be making it’s return with a couple familiar faces!

Season 3 2019 will commence 1 August 2019 and conclude 12 September 2019.

Season 3 2019 will be holding the following Divisions:

Amateur: $500, subscription required, open for all players to join!
Pro*: $TBC, subscription required, invite only Division. Featured on Twitch and SKYTV.

*To be invited to Pro, players must qualify through the previous Division (Amateur in this case). All players must have an active LPL subscription for the duration of the tournament, you can find it here.
**It is highly recommended for all players to join the Discord channel for further communication.

All players must link their Steam ID's to their profile, you can do so by going to your Profile and clicking Game ID's.

Regular Play Format
Amateur and Pro will follow the same format.

Players in Amateur will be assigned lobbies of 16 players or equally split players [should there be more than 16 players but less than 32 players] by LPL admins prior to race every week.

-Amateur races will commence every Thursday 7PM AEST/9PM NZT.
-Pro races will commence every Thursday at 8PM NZT/6PM AEST on Twitch and SKYTV.

Each week, players will race three races in one night, two supplementary sprint races (offering lesser points) and one feature-length race (offering full points). Sprint races will have a five minute qualifiers and featured races will have a 10 minute qualifiers. Sprint races will last roughly 22 minutes (5 minutes of qualifiers + 17 minutes of race time) and featured races will last for 45 minutes (10 minutes of qualifying + 35 minutes of race time).

For PRO, after Week 7 the top 8 will receive prizing for the Championship and qualify for the LAN event.

For Amateur, players will be required to click the "ready up" button that appears 3 hours before game time, PC2 admins will create one match lobby 15 minutes prior to match start time and players will use their assigned match lobby to communicate with other players to host/join a lobby. All four races will be raced using this lobby. Players must screenshot and upload their placements for all four races onto the match lobby using the "upload screenshot" button. PC2 admins will manually input scores using the screenshots by the end of the following day.

For PRO, players will be required to join an "invite-only" Discord for PRO and will communicate with PC2 admins there during broadcast. Match lobbies will be created and points will be recorded onto the LPL platform by the end of the following day. Screenshots are not needed but is welcomed!

Finals Format
For Amateur, the top 16 racers will enter finals. Finals will involve two feature races at Bathurst!

For PRO, the LAN event will be a separate event. The top 8 players at the end of Week 7 will be flown to Auckland and play the Grand Finals at LPL Studios and race two feature races at Bathurst!

Points will reset for Finals. The Top three players that accumulate the most points in these two races will get onto the podium!

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PRO Division Players
Below are your top 16 racers in this upcoming Pro Division:

1. Bull
2. THR Madzie
3. MonkeyMatt
4. nzsimonb
5. Murphy'sLaw
6. Noxide
7. DaveStone
8. Prens
9. Seca
10. SYF Crimson
11. EeveeP
12. Alkee
13. ZeddNZ
14. InfoAgent
15. Fayed
16. JohnBags

Finals Format
For Amateur, the top 16 racers will enter finals. Finals will involve two feature races at Bathurst!

For PRO, the top 8 players at the end of Week 7 will be flown to Auckland and play the Grand Finals at LPL Studios and race two feature races at Bathurst!

Points will reset for Finals. The Top three players that accumulate the most points in these two races will get in the standings!

$1 Weeklies
Sign ups for the Weeklies will open 1 August.

We are introducing another wacky arcade racing night! We are introducing $1 weeklies for crazy races for all users to enjoy! Every week starting 7 August, every Wednesdays 7PM AEST we will host weeklies! They will be scored like how featured races are scored (you can see further below)

To play, players will pay a $1 entry fee and they will have the chance to win back their $1 if they end up on the podium! For the Weeklies to commence we will minimum 16 players (first in first served!) to enter. If this requirement is not met, the weekly will be cancelled with $1 refunded to the players. The first 16 players to sign up for this will have a designated driver that will host the lobby using the weekly match page and race in a random/voted on map with weather set at random. Any car can be used but full damage will be on to discourage unfair play. The winner of this race will earn $5, runner up will earn $3 and the second runner up will earn back their $1.

1st - $5
2nd - $3
3rd - $1
Total $9/week

Register from 1 August for the first weekly set to begin on 7 August 2019 7PM AEST!.

More Information

Key Dates
Registration Close for Amateur: 31 July

Week 1 Amateur and PRO: 1 August
Week 2 Amateur and PRO: 8 August
Week 3 Amateur and PRO: 15 August
Week 4 Amateur and PRO: 22 August
Week 5 Amateur and PRO: 29 August
Week 6 Amateur and PRO: 5 September
Week 7 Amateur: 12 September
Week 7 (Championship Final) PRO: 12 September
Week 8 PRO LAN: 19 September
Week 8 Amateur FINALS: 19 September

One car being used each week for a total of eight different cars being used this season. All players uses the same car each week for balance of performance.

There will no longer be mandatory pitstops. Pitstops will be optional for all players. Performance Impacting Damage is on but Damage will be off for the weeks using Open Wheel and Indy Cars. Fuel Depletion will be on. Tyre Wear will be Authentic. Mechanical Failures and Pit Stop Errors will be off. For more rules, please refer to the rules section!

Track & Car List
Week 1: 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 R
Germany (summer)
S1: Hockenheim GP - 12 laps - Clear/Light cloud
S2: Hockenheim GP - 12 laps - Medium/Rain
Featured: Nurburgring GP - 22 laps - Medium Cloud/Light Cloud

Week 2: GT3 - 2016 NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3
UK (summer)
S1: Brands Hatch GP - 9 laps - MLight rain
S2: Brands Hatch GP - 10 laps - Overcast
Featured: Silverstone GP - 15 laps - Heavy Rain/Clear

Week 3: Open Wheel - 2015 FORMULA RENAULT 3.5 (No damage)
Japan (summer)
S1: Sportsland Sugo - 12 laps 1200 -Medium Cloud/Light Cloud
S2: Sportsland Sugo - 12 laps 1300 - Light Rain
Featured: Fuji GP - 23 laps 1600 - Heavy Cloud/Clear

United Arab Emirates (summer)
S1: Dubai Autodrome International - 13 laps -Clear
S2: Dubai Autodrome International - 13 laps - Clear/Heavy Rain
Featured: Dubai Autodrome GP - 23 laps - Overcast/Clear

Week 5: GT3 - 2016 MCLAREN 650S GT3
NZ (winter)
S1: Ruapuna Park Club - 15 laps - Overcast
S2: Ruapuna Park Club - 14 laps - Light Rain/Heavy Rain
Feautured: Ruapuna Park GP - 23 laps - Overcast/Storm

Week 6: Indy Car - 2016 DALLARA IR12 CHEVROLET (ROAD COURSE) (No Damage)
USA (summer)
S1: Circuit of the Americas GP - 8 laps 1500 -Light Cloud/Medium Cloud
S2: Circuit of the Americas GP - 7 laps 1600 -Light Rain/Rain
Featured: Sonoma Raceway National - 25 laps 1800 - Clear/Medium Cloud

Italy (summer) S1: Autodrome Nazionale Monza GP - 8 laps 1500 - Clear/Light Cloud
S2: Autodrome Nazionale Monza GP - 7 laps 1600 - Light Rain/Rain
Featured: Autodrome Internazionale Enzo E Dino Ferrari Imola - 16 laps 1700 - Clear/Light Rain

Top 8 LAN Week 8: 2013 FORD FALCON FG Australia
Featured #1: Bathurst 15 laps - Medium Cloud
Featured #2: Bathurst 15 Laps - Medium Cloud

Drop Rounds
Drop Rounds are only applicable for PRO. All players will be allowed one drop round. Please note Drop Rounds are applied before the LAN/after the end of Week 7.

Players that have participated in all seven rounds of the PRO will drop their "worst round/least points accumulated." This is so players that have missed one week due to travels, etc will not be out of contention. All players should have 6 games played [even if they have played all seven rounds] that goes towards their standings. PC2 admins MUST know if you are unable to make one week prior to the next round.

Prize Distribution

LPL Amateur: $500
1st - $130
2nd - $110
3rd - $95
4th - $60
5th - $45
6th - $30
7th - $20
8th - $10

LPL Pro:
Championship - $5,000
1st - $2,500
2nd - $1,500
3rd - $600
4th - $150
5th - $100
6th - $75
7th - $50
8th - $25

LAN Bonus Prizing - $1,000
1st - $500
2nd - $300
3rd - $200

A full list of competition rules can be found here.

Connect with us
On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish every team competing the best of luck for the next coming weeks. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask by either posting in the forum announcement, or contacting an admin via Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can join the community Discord channel.