Broadband gets go ahead...

Broadband gets go ahead...

Broadband gets go ahead...

Thread started by terrorv2 on Tuesday, 9:45am April 7th with 61 replies. Views: 4,683


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10:08am Apr 7th 09

sounds awesome, fibre direct to your house


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10:13am Apr 7th 09

yum yum yum yum yum. fufufufufufufufufufufuck yeah


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10:15am Apr 7th 09

what they are planning to do is after this is installed they will then filter the internet and bring as back to the speeds we are at now


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10:22am Apr 7th 09

About time...

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10:34am Apr 7th 09

going to take 20+ years loL


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11:02am Apr 7th 09

Best news we've had in regards to Australian internet in... ever


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11:21am Apr 7th 09

estimated time is 8 years.


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11:39am Apr 7th 09

Governments perception on 8 years is 16 years.


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11:55am Apr 7th 09

why the fuck would you start the project in tas....

but just because to be completed in 8 years does not mean people will be connected up to it once the regional area is complete etc. but i am quite pleased that the government are going to be the primary owners of this should make it quite transparent and what not

oh and a massive fuck you to telstra, might actually need to be competitive and offer decent pricing and support now


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12:15pm Apr 7th 09

they can start by increasing my cap from 25gb to 100 for no additional cost.


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12:17pm Apr 7th 09

they can start by increasing my cap from 25gb to 100 for no additional cost.

Quote from maC on the 7th of April 2009
LOL i like this idea. 25gig just isnt enough isnt it scott.


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12:21pm Apr 7th 09

About Time...Awesome Stuff Download Movies super quick P) P) P)


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12:23pm Apr 7th 09

would be great to have fibre but for them to install the infrastructure, and the government to fuckin set it all up and shit will be easily 20 or more years and the cost will be astronomical to the government...

$43 billion over eight years in a super-fast national broadband network, in the ''single biggest infrastructure decision in Australia's history''.

dont be so excited its a fuckin long way off our kids will be using it for games before we get a chance


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12:24pm Apr 7th 09

fucking huge news, lots of yahoo's at the office. I work IT haha ;)

MVZ cost is 43 billion, 51% government ownership. Other 41% is private investment. So not as expensive as you think.

Basically they are creating a new government owned version of telstra without the retail side