CyberGamer turns 3!

CyberGamer turns 3!

CyberGamer turns 3!

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1:01am Apr 9th 10

Today CyberGamer is 3 years old! It has been a huge year for us. To put things in perspective we had 21,000 members this time last year and we now have over 77,000!

So what have we been up to!?
Most of 2009 was spent creating the current version of the CG website (v3.0). Now with a solid platform to work off, we're looking to steadily add features, improvements and optimisations to carry CG well into the future.
We recently added to the CG Network as our official Media Partner. We're very excited about PCPowerplay's new content direction towards community events and online E-sports and we are thrilled to play such a central role in their coverage.
We have added PlayStation 3 as a supported platform to the site, as well as adding many new games that have come out in the past year.

What's to come?
This year is looking to be even bigger, one of the main areas we will be focusing on will be to create an accessible system that will allow for small groups and organisations to easily customise, update and manage their own free website running off the CG backend.
The goal of this process will be to create a directory of specialised websites that are of consistently high quality and are easily accessed by our members. In addition, it will allow the groups and organisations using the service to focus on their content and not worry about the actual website and related costs. Perhaps most importantly it will give each of the Network sites a means of generating traffic through their exposure through the CG Network directory.
This ultimately will bring the gaming communities around Australia closer together, hopefully positively influencing the growth of online gaming in Australia.

Like Numbers?
For the first time ever, below is a link to our March 2010 Google Analytics website statistics, something of a tradition we hope to be able to continue each year.
Click to Download.

Thanks for being a part of CyberGamer!


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1:02am Apr 9th 10

Where's the cake?


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1:02am Apr 9th 10

^ they are holding back on us...


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1:02am Apr 9th 10

Happy Birthday CG Great work Asterix & co, keep it up.


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1:02am Apr 9th 10

Hell Yeah!


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1:03am Apr 9th 10

good stuff


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1:03am Apr 9th 10

awww shit i didn't get you a present


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1:03am Apr 9th 10

yay for us


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1:05am Apr 9th 10

bappy hirthday!


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1:09am Apr 9th 10

hoorah, good work boys!

tros <3

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thats sick, gw


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aw sht

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1:12am Apr 9th 10


almost 3 million page views in the month of March alone :O

and lol @ BFBC2 forums squeezing into the top 5 pages viewed.


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